Sampriti - Facts about Sampriti Exercise for UPSC

Sampriti Exercise is a bilateral defence cooperation exercise between the armies of India and Bangladesh. It is seen as a part of Indo-Bangladesh defence cooperation. The eleventh edition of Sampriti is being held in October 2023 in Meghalaya. Joint Military Exercises form a small but important segment of current affairs for the IAS Exam. This article will mention a few important facts about Sampriti exercise for UPSC preparation.

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Facts about Sampriti for IAS Exam

The table below mentions a few relevant facts about exercise Sampriti for UPSC:

Sampriti Exercise – Facts for UPSC
It is a joint military exercise between the armies of India and Bangladesh, which started off in 2009.
The aim of Sampriti is to enhance military cooperation between two countries in the wake of Indo-Bangladesh defence cooperation
The 11th edition of the Sampriti exercise, which is the latest one, took place in 2023:

  • When – 3rd October 2023 – 15th October 2023
  • Where – Umroi Cantonment, Meghalaya
The Sampriti exercise is hosted by both the countries alternately.
In Sampriti-IX, Command Post Exercise (CPX) and Field Training Exercise (FTX) were conducted

  • CPX – It is a military exercise focussing on the battle-readiness of troops emphasising on stipulated events.
  • FTX – It is a military exercise that involves training, drills and other exercises by military units for defence enhancement purpose
The Sampriti exercise includes training and exercises that are set in such environments simulated under UN charter
Through the FTX curriculum, troops of both the countries’ armies get familiar with each other’s organizational structure and tactical drills
The exercise usually culminates into a final validation exercise where both the troops practice a Counter-Terrorism operation in a controlled environment
Apart from the defence cooperation, Sampriti exercise also aims to promote trust-building and friendship between the two nations
In Sampriti XI, 350 personnel from both countries took part

List of Sampriti Exercise (Year-Wise)

The table below mentions the year, edition, and location of important editions of Sampriti exercise:

Year of Sampriti Exercise Edition of the Sampriti Exercise Location of Sampriti Exercise
2009 Sampriti I Assam, India
2012 Sampriti II Bangladesh
2013 Sampriti III India
2014 Sampriti IV Bangladesh
2015 Sampriti V Binnaguri (West Bengal) India
2016 Sampriti VI Dhaka, Bangladesh
2017 Sampriti VII Shillong (Meghalaya), India
2019 Sampriti VIII Tangail, Bangladesh
2020 Sampriti IX Umroi (Meghalaya), India
2022 Sampriti X Jashore Military Station, Bangladesh
2023 Sampriti XI Umroi (Meghalaya), India

India-Bangladesh Defence Cooperation

A few important points about Indo-Bangladesh defence cooperation, for UPSC:

  1. India’s cooperation with Bangladesh on defence and security traces back to Bangladesh’s Great Liberation War in December 1971.
  2. Implementation agreement to expedite work towards drawing upon a US$ 500 mn Defence Line of Credit extended by India to Bangladesh has been finalized in 2019.
  3. The two countries signed a defence pact in 1972.
  4. Both countries have an MoU on the framework for defence cooperation.

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