Nomadic Elephant - Facts about Exercise Nomadic Elephant for UPSC

The Indo-Mongolian Joint Military Exercise is termed a ‘Nomadic Elephant’. It is a bilateral exercise between two nations – India and Mongolia. The troops of armies of both countries participate in the Nomadic Elephant exercise. There are series of this exercise, the latest being the 14th edition of Nomadic Elephant. It took place from 5th-18th October 2019. It is important for aspirants to know about important Joint Military Exercises from the IAS Exam perspective. This article will provide a few important facts about Nomadic Elephant for UPSC preparation.

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Major Facts about Nomadic Elephant for IAS Exam

The table below mentions a few relevant points about exercise Nomadic Elephant for UPSC:

Nomadic Elephant – Facts for UPSC
It is a joint military exercise between India and Mongolia
14th Edition of Nomadic Elephant took place in October 2019, in Bakloh Cantonment, Himachal Pradesh
At the latest edition of the Nomadic Elephant series (Nomadic Elephant XIV), 084 Airborne-Special Task Battalion represented the Mongolian Army, while the battalion of the RAJPUTANA RIFLES Regiment represented Indian Army
The aim of the Nomadic Elephant exercise is to train the army troops in counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations, under United Nations (UN) mandate
One of the visions of the exercise Nomadic Elephant is to promote defence cooperation and enhance military relations between the two army forces of the countries
The following tactical drills take place during the Nomadic Elephant exercise:

  • Convoy Protection Drill
  • Room Intervention Drills
  • Ambush/ Counter Ambush Drills
In the exercise, such operations have been conducted that help in enhancing interoperability between the Indian Army and Mongolian Army
Other activities that are a part of Nomadic Elephant Exercise are:

  • Important lectures on counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency
  • Demonstrations and,
  • Drills

List of Nomadic Elephant Exercise (Year-Wise)

The table below mentions the important editions of the Nomadic Elephant exercise with year and location:

Edition Year Location
Nomadic Elephant I 2004 Mongolia
Nomadic Elephant II 2005 Vairengte(Mizoram), India
Nomadic Elephant VII 2012 Belgaum (Karnataka), India
Nomadic Elephant X 2015 Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh), India
Nomadic Elephant XI 2016 Mongolia
Nomadic Elephant XII 2017 Vairengte(Mizoram), India
Nomadic Elephant XIII 2018 Five Hills Training Area, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Nomadic Elephant XIV 2019 Bakloh (Himachal Pradesh), India

India-Mongolia Defence Cooperation

A few important points about India-Mongolia defence cooperation are mentioned below:

  1. Apart from Nomadic Elephant Exercise, both the countries have a Joint Working Group for Defence cooperation that has meeting annually
  2. India participates in an annual Mongolian military exercise called Khan Quest

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