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Vajra Prahar 2021: Vajra Prahar is the joint military exercise between the special forces of India and the United States (US). The latest edition of this exercise is Vajra Prahar XI that took place in March 2021 at Bakloh, Himachal Pradesh.

Vajra Prahar X took place from 13th October 2019 to 28th October 2019 in Seattle (US).

Segments of Joint Military Exercises form an important part of current affairs for the IAS Exam. This article will mention the relevant facts about Vajra Prahar for UPSC preparation.

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Facts about Vajra Prahar Exercise

The table below mentions the important details about Exercise Vajra Prahar from UPSC Prelims perspectives:

Vajra Prahar – Facts for UPSC
It is a bilateral exercise between the special forces of India and the US
The military forces that participate in Vajra Prahar are:

The US – The Special Forces and

India – The Southern Command of Indian Armed Forces

45-member troop of Special Forces from the Indian Military participated in the Vajra Prahar 10th Edition in 2019
Operational tactics and Joint Mission Planning take place in Vajra Prahar
The aim of Vajra Prahar is to enhance military cooperation between the two countries and also to capitalise on the rich repository of experiences of each other armies

  • By enhancing interoperability between the two forces
  • By mutually exchanging tactics between the two forces
  • By sharing the best military practices between the two forces
  • By developing joint strategies
  • By conducting operations in a counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism environment
The exercise Vajra Prahar takes place alternately between the two countries – India and US
In 2021, it took place in India. In 2019, the Vajra Prahar exercise took place in Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), Seattle (The US), while in 2018, it took place in Jodhpur, Rajasthan (India)
The joint military exercise Vajra Prahar between India and the US started off in 2010

Note: Between 2012 and 2015, the exercise Vajra Prahar did not take place. In 2020, Vajra Prahar did not take place.

UPSC 2021

Vajra Prahar – What are Special Forces?

The following points should be noted for Special Forces in India:

Special Forces
The Indian Special Forces are trained for special operations
In the Indian military, there are three branches – Army, Navy and Air Force. These units have their own special forces –

  • Indian Army – Para Special Force
  • Indian Navy – MARCOS
  • Indian Air Force – Garud Commando Force
Armed Forces Special Operations Division is a tri-service command of the Indian Armed Forces which deputes small units of special forces of the three units of military
Special Group comes under Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) as the latter’s Special Forces
Vajra Prahar is an exercise involving Indian Army special forces which is Para Special Force
Para Special Force of the Indian Army was created in 1966

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Vajra Prahar List

The table below mentions the year and the location of the Vajra Prahar Exercises:

Vajra Prahar Exercise Year Location
Vajra Prahar-I 2010 India
Vajra Prahar-II 2011 US
Vajra Prahar-III 2012 Did not take place
Vajra Prahar-IV 2013 Did not take place
Vajra Prahar-V 2014 Did not take place
Vajra Prahar-VI 2015 Did not take place
Vajra Prahar-VII 2016 India
Vajra Prahar-VIII 2017 US
Vajra Prahar-IX 2018 India
Vajra Prahar-X 2019 US (Seattle)
Vajra Prahar-XI 2021 US (Seattle)

Vajra Prahar Exercise – UPSC Notes:-Download PDF Here

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