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Exercise Indra is a bilateral exercise between the militaries of India and Russia. In September 2020, both countries launched the 11th edition of the Indra Exercise in the Bay of Bengal. The first Indra Exercise was held in 2003.

Read important facts about naval exercise Indra for prelims preparation of the IAS Exam.

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Important Points on Exercise Indra

  1. The exercise Indra was initiated as a bilateral single-service exercise in 2003. However, in October 2017, the first tri-service Indra Exercise took place in the Eastern Military District of Russia.
  2. The second edition of the tri-service Indra Exercise was held in December 2019 simultaneously at Babina (near Jhansi), Pune, and Goa.
  3. During the Indra Exercise 2020, India and Russia Defence Ministers met in Moscow and commemorated the 75th anniversary of the second world war.
  4. The main aim of the Indra 2020 exercise to enhance the interoperability of the Indian and Russian Navies.
  5. As Indra Exercise 2020 took place amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the format of the exercise was a ‘Non-contact, at sea only.’
  6. Representatives from the Indian Navy side:
    1. Guided-missile destroyer Ranvijay
    2. Indigenous frigate Sahyadri
    3. Fleet tanker Shakti
INS Ranvijay:

  1. It is a Rajput-Class Destroyer.
  2. It was commissioned in the Indian Navy in 1988.
  3. The Destroyer Ranvijay has also participated in the Malabar Naval Exercise in 2011.
  4. Similarly, it has also participated in Indra War Games in 2014 and SIMBEX 2016.
  5. It has received the award for the best ship of the Eastern Fleet Trophy twice.

INS Sahyadri:

  1. It is a Shivalik-class stealth multi-role frigate that was commissioned into the Indian Navy in 2012.
  2. It has participated in Indra 2015.

INS Shakti:

  1. It is a Deepak-class fleet tanker and is the Indian Navy’s one of the largest ships.
  2. It was commissioned into the Indian Navy in 2011.
  3. It represented India in Malabar Exercise 2012, 2014; Japan-India Maritime Exercise (JIMEX) 2012; TROPEX 2013, SIMBEX 2015 etc.

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Who participated from the Russian Navy side?

Representatives from the Russian Navy side:

  1. Destroyer Admiral Vinogradov
  2. Destroyer Admiral Tributs
  3. Fleet tanker Boris Butoma

Results of INDRA Exercise

Expected Results of the Exercise:

  1. Enhancement in the interoperability of the navies
  2. Improvement of the practices of the two navies

Activities taken up during the Indra Exercise:

  1. Surface and anti-aircraft drills
  2. Firing exercises
  3. Helicopter operations
  4. Seamanship evolutions

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