How to Prepare for UPSC Exams

How to Prepare for UPSC Exams

There are a few questions which sound simple enough. However, answering them is not a simple task. One such question is ‘How to prepare for the UPSC exam?’ Lakhs of youngsters in the country decide to take on the UPSC civil services exam and this is one question that rattles them either because of their ignorance or because they are well aware of the enormity of the task before them. There are several articles on our website that explains how to go about UPSC exam preparation where details about the exam, exam syllabus and dates, IAS exam pattern and sample questions, etc. are given. But aspirants often stumble when it comes to the actual preparation part. This article tells you how to prepare yourself to prepare for the UPSC exam.

Being optimistic

If you are starting out on your 2018 UPSC exam preparation, you would definitely have gone through the infamous UPSC syllabus. You would also be aware of the IAS exam pattern. (If you’re not, start now.) It is but natural to feel overwhelmed by the scale of things to do and the stakes involved. If you feel disheartened and sense an envelope of negativity encapsulating you, stop right there. You can’t go further with backward feet. BE POSITIVE. There have been many UPSC success stories of candidates with difficult and deprived backgrounds. You can be the next IAS success story if you believe you can.

Developing good habits

To clear the UPSC civil services, it is imperative that you develop certain habits that help to have a routine to go about your daily activities. It is important for you to spend a good number of hours studying. So, your life should be centred around your IAS exam preparation. It is wise to rise up early, get a bit of fresh air and physical exercise before you hit your books. You should also avoid junk food and late night TV. Discipline is key when it comes to tasting success in any field including the civil services. When you make a habit of leading a disciplined life, you would be able to work like you are on auto-pilot. This would improve your efficiency and help you in acing the IAS exam.

Work hard and smart

It is no secret that a lot of hard work is involved if you wish to clear the civil services exam. So, you cannot expect to start working a few weeks before the exam and clear it like you might have done in your college days. The IAS exam is different and it takes way more than just mugging up to clear it. You must have the following in your kitty:

  • Study Plan/Schedule
  • Tested strategy
  • Test Practice
  • A trump card for Current affairs
  • Will power & determination

Don’t shy away from getting help

If you are unsure how to prepare for the UPSC exam, you can rely on BYJU’S for all the help and guidance you need. We are just a click away. We offer comprehensive coverage of current affairs (which forms the basis for most questions asked in the UPSC exam), subject-wise strategy and notes, handy tips on studying, test papers, weekly quizzes and a lot more. Don’t take our word for it. Check out the 2016 UPSC exam final results and the number of candidates who benefited from BYJU’S IAS coaching.

The following four words answer the question, ‘How to prepare for UPSC exam?’


Have the dream. Inculcate discipline. Dedicate yourself. Defeat the UPSC exam.

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