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How to tackle Art and Culture for UPSC IAS Prelims exam

Art and culture of India is a huge and diverse topic. It is a popular opinion that Art and Culture are difficult to cover because of its diversity. From 2014 onwards, many questions have been asked by UPSC on Art and culture of India which is very indicative. Here are some smart strategies to deal with art and culture for the IAS Exam.

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Shortlisting the resources for art and culture paper

The Art and culture of India are largely linked with the Ancient and Medieval history of India. As per the latest trends, UPSC asks the question not directly but linked to the ancient, medieval history of India and current affairs. First and the foremost candidate should have a thorough knowledge of UPSC syllabus for Prelims as well as Mains exam. Then only they can decide what to study and what not to study.

It is important to shortlist the study material for Art and culture for the UPSC IAS Exam. Like the topic, the availability of study materials for Art and culture is also vast and diverse. UPSC aspirants should choose the right books for preparation. Here we are giving the essential reference books for Art and culture of India for the IAS Exam.

Resources for art and culture for UPSC IAS Exam

  • Class XIIth NCERT- An Introduction to Indian Art
  • Class XI NCERT- Ancient India by R.S Sharma
  • Class XII- Medieval India by Satish Chandra
  • Facets of Indian culture –Spectrum
  • CCRT website
  • NIOS materials
  • Byju’s classes

Area of focus in Indian Art and Culture for UPSC Exam

  • Indian Architecture
  • Indian Music
  • Indian sculpture
  • Indian Painting
  • Indian Handicrafts
  • Heritage sites in India
  • Performing art
  • Indian Dance forms
  • Indian languages
  • Religions in India
  • Indian literature
  • Schools of Philosophy
  • Awards and honours
  • Martial arts
  • Cultural institutions
  • Different movements

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Nothing can substitute the revision. Practice makes a man perfect. For the IAS Exam also one has to do revision in order to retain the colossal amount of data relating to Art and culture, History, Geography, Polity, and Economics etc. most of the data in Indian art and culture in factual in nature. Only a thorough and daily revision can escalate candidates retaining power. Attending mock tests answering previous year question papers will also help you to increase memory power.

Previous year question paper

Solving the previous year question papers of the UPSC will help the candidate to understand the pattern and nature of the question asked from the Art and culture topic in the UPSC IAS examination. A perfect analysis and thorough practice make your UPSC IAS Exam preparation perfect.

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