Benefits of Video Lectures for UPSC Civil Services Preparation

Benefits of Video Lectures for UPSC Civil Services Preparation

“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.”

                    – John Dewey, American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer

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If you are preparing to appear for UPSC prelims, you would be filled with anxiety and a little dread at the prospect of covering the monumental UPSC syllabus. The IAS preparation can be a gruelling affair with candidates having to put in longer hours buried in their books and notes. It is easy to be weary and fatigued. Hence, it is important to break the monotony. During the UPSC civil services preparation, you can’t enjoy long breaks. What if you can have some variety in your study style? VIDEO LECTURES are the perfect tool for studying and being off books at least for a little while. There are numerous benefits of incorporating videos in your UPSC preparation.

  • Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience

American educator, Edgar Dale developed the Cone of Experience in which he explains the following:

People remember,

10% of what they read

20% of what they hear

30% of what they see


The above observation clearly shows the significant impact watching videos can have on your studies. Since the UPSC civil services exams require you to remember a lot of facts and concepts, you should supplement your preparation with video lectures as well. The reason for this is that videos stimulate more senses than text from a book.

  • Videos clarify concepts

If you want to understand how the brain functions or complex hierarchies in an organisation, videos are the better choice when compared to plain texts. Watching videos will make things simpler and also make it easier to recall complex processes.

  • Videos break the monotony

Even if you are a bookworm, boredom tends to set in when all you’ve been doing for days is read. Watching videos can refresh you.

  • Videos make subjects interesting

The UPSC civil services exams require you to study a lot of topics. It is possible that you would have to study some topics that don’t interest you. For these topics, watch videos to learn. Videos make concepts more interesting and can cultivate interest in the viewer. Also, some topics can be learned more effectively by watching documentaries (about great emperors or historical wars). These videos can also offer different viewpoints for your answers.

  • Video lectures enable you to learn at your own pace

With video lectures you can stop and rewind the lectures and learn at your own pace.

  • Study on the go

You can save time by having video lectures on your smartphone or tabs. You can watch them while on the bus or anywhere else.

  • Attend experts’ classes from anywhere

The biggest advantage of video classes is that you can sit in the comfort of your homes and access classes by subject experts. Gone are the days when you had to relocate yourselves to metro cities for IAS coaching. Technology can bring live coaching to your homes.

So, the benefits of watching video lectures for UPSC preparation are far too many for you to ignore. BYJU’S IAS video lectures are fantastic and well-explained. You are sure to look at those topics in a new light. Click below for amazing video lectures for UPSC preparation by expert faculty.

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