India in the WTO


India has been a WTO (World Trade Organisation) member since 1st January  1995. The tenth ministerial conference of WTO was conducted in Nairobi between December 15-19. In the conference developed countries had shown disinterest in the Doha Development Agenda(DDA) which intends to lower trade barriers around the world in order to facilitate global trade. In the recent WTO meeting at Nairobi, developed countries like the US and EU were of the opinion that countries like India and China were no longer the developing ones. The conference discussed on finding a permanent settlement for agriculture-agreement which is frozen at 1986-88 base price and subsidy mechanisms. The conference also discussed on finding a solution for public stock holding necessary for countries like India with severe hunger and malnutrition problems.. The Nairobi conference clearly points out the differences between the developed and the developing nations where the former wants to manoeuvre the WTO to suit its vested interests. To fix this issue India must forge ahead with a high degree of preparedness and focus on areas of its interests, coalition with like-minded countries. A glimmer of hope  still remains at the WTO if the views of the majority are taken into consideration.