National Postal Day - 10th October

Indian Post is the oldest government-operated postal system in India under the Ministry of Communications.

It is a trading name for the Department of Posts that offer services like delivering letters, Rural Postal Life Insurance and Postal Life Insurance facilities, accepting deposits and more.

To honour their services, National Postal Day is celebrated annually on 10th October as an extension of World Post Day. Apart from this, there are other Days and Dates of National and International Importance from the IAS prelims perspective.

This day commemorates the role played by the Indian postal department and its commendable services. UPSC 2022 and IAS exam aspirants can read this article to prepare notes for the exam.

What is the Indian Postal Service?

India Post or Indian Postal Services started on 1st October 1854. It offers services across different geographical terrains, cultures and traditions. National Postal Day in India commemorates these laudable services extended by the postal department.

It acts as an agent for the Indian Government by discharging services for citizens like wage disbursement under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme and pension facilities.

Students should know that Shriram Bhikaji Velankar introduced Postal Index Number or Pin Code on 15th August 1972.

  • The first digit in PIN code shows the region, and the second digit indicates the sub-region. Moreover, the last three-digit shows post office under a respective address.
  • India post serves people in a problematic situation that emerged during COVID-19 by offering financial and medical assistance.
  • Postal departments also help implement Government schemes by strengthening their service network.
  • Postal schemes provide facilities to secure deposits for high returns against affordable interest payments.

Individuals preparing for the UPSC exam should know that National Postal Worker Day is also a celebration of the hard work and efforts of postal employees.

What is National Postal Worker Day?

National Postal Worker Day is celebrated on 1st July globally. This day aims to express gratitude towards the dedication of postal employees towards their service.

Postal employees work diligently to ensure hassle-free communication by transporting letters on time.

Individuals should know before digitalisation; people depend on postal workers for their communication. A Seattle-area postal carrier first commemorated National Postal Worker Day to honour his fellow employees.

Nearly 4,90,000 postal workers marched 4 to 8 miles to deliver letters and packages on National Postal Worker Day.

Importance of National Postal Worker Day

  • It honours the hard work of postal employees who deliver mail and packages to the doorstep irrespective of weather conditions.
  • Postal workers were the frontline workers during the pandemic as they risked their lives to deliver parcels without delay.
  • Postal services played an essential part in transporting medicines, Covid-19 testing kits and medical packages across the globe.
  • This celebration helps educate the new generation about the oldest mode of communication.

Individuals preparing for UPSC prelims should be aware of the latest news on India post. This will help them answer the National Postal Worker Day 2022 questions confidently.

News Updates on Postal India

  • According to Hindustan Times, India Post and Railways have collaborated to support women’s self-help groups in Uttar Pradesh by delivering their products across the country.
  • On 8th January 2022, India Post in Pune released a special cover to commemorate Tanaji Malusare.
  • India Post honoured Gold Medal Winner Shri Neeraj Chopra by placing a customised letterbox in his hometown of Khandra in Panipat.
  • The Ministry of Communications has launched a Five Star Villages scheme to facilitate the smooth delivery of postal products and services and increase public awareness.
  • India Post released a stamp on India’s First Anti Satellite Missile on 15th September 2020 as a part of Engineers Day.
  • On 1st September 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) to make postal banking services convenient.

Hopefully, the following article on National Postal Day will help competitive exam aspirants prepare without hassle.

UPSC and IAS exam aspirants can also check news reports and educational sites to find detailed information on the said topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we celebrate National Postal Day?

National Postal Day commemorates the role played by postal employees and Indian postal department for the past 150 years.

What is the purpose of postal services?

Postal services help Government of some countries to facilitate public schemes and maintain communication. They help transport memos, letters, parcels and notices to different locations without delay.

Which country has the largest postal network?

India has the largest postal service globally that delivers medicines, letters and parcels smoothly.

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