Objectives Of India ' s Foreign Policy

National interest has been the governing principle of India’ foreign policy even at the time ,of Nehru who was inspired by the ideal of world peace, toleration and mutual respect among nations. In operational terms, the idea of national interest takes the form of concrete objectives of foreign policy. According to Appadorai and M. S. Rajan, there are three fundamental objectives of India’s Foreign policy:
1. The preservation of India’s territorial integrity and independence of foreign policy: The territorial integrity and protection of national boundaries from foreign aggression is the core interest of a nation. India had gained a hard earned independence from foreign rule after long time. Thus, it was natural for her to give due emphasis on the independence of foreign policy. India’s effort to strengthen Afro-Asian solidarity endorsement of principles of non-interference, in the internal affairs of other nations and finally the adoption of the policy of non-alignment should be seen in this light.
2. Promoting international peace and security: India as a ‘newly independent and developing country rightly realized that international peace and development are correlated. Her emphasis on disarmament and the policy of keeping away from the military alliances is intended to promote global peace.
3. Economic development of India: Fast development of the country was the fundamental requirement of India at the time of independence. It was also required to strengthen the democracy and freedom in the country In order to gain financial resources and technology from both blocks and to concentrate her energy on the development, India opted away from the power block politics, which was the defining feature of cold war international politics. The foreign policy practice of India also reveals its two other objectives; 1. Elimination of colonialism and racial discrimination. 2. Protection of the interests of people of Indian origin abroad. An official statement of Ministry of External Affairs (2010) notes that India’s foreign policy seeks to safeguard her enlightened self-interest. Its primary objective is to promote and maintain a peaceful and stable external environment in which the domestic tasks of inclusive economic development and poverty alleviation can progress rapidly. Thus, India seeks a peaceful periphery and works for good neighborly relations in her extended neighborhood. India’s foreign policy also recognizes that the issues such as climate change, energy and food security are crucial for India’s transformation. Since these issues are global in nature, they require global solutions.

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