Personality Development Tips for UPSC Board Interview

The last stage to clear before you can call yourselves IAS officers is the UPSC Board Interview stage (also known as the UPSC Personality Test). In this stage,  you will face the UPSC board. Here, you will be tested on various aspects of knowledge, aptitude, personality, attributes, leadership qualities, the ability to handle situations, etc. Apart from the IAS studies that you do, you must also groom yourselves for the interview. Having a well-rounded personality is a must if you want to sail through this final stage. This article gives you a few personality development tips for UPSC board interview.

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What is personality?

Personality can be defined as a combination of a person’s character, image, and attributes. It is prudent to know that personality is not nature, although it can contribute to a person’s personality. Nature is very hard to change as it is inbuilt. It comes from within. But personality is not nature, it is nurtured. It is basically an image that you project to others. So, it is possible to develop it. Whereas your inner nature remains the same, your personality can change if you try.

Why personality development for UPSC?

If you feel your personality needs to change as people perceive you to be an introvert or think you to be a person devoid of talents or capabilities, you only need to develop your personality such that your image is that of an energetic, lively person who can surmount pressure situations with aplomb. The IAS interview is meant to separate those candidates who show all these traits from others who only seem to possess bookish knowledge.

Personality Development Tips for UPSC Board Interview

The 11 tips are tabled below along with their impact on your interview. Later, these are explained below the table.

Personality Development Tips for UPSC Interview

Tips Impact on your IAS Interview
Improve your communication skills
  • Clarity of speech
  • Confidence-building
  • Better representation of answers
Develop Confidence
  • Scope of better performance
  • Less stress and panic
  • Calm composure
Mind your body language
  • Reflects confidence
  • Eliminates fear
  • Personality doesn’t look lethargic or bored
Dress appropriately
  • Boost confidence
  • Mark an impression on interviewers
  • Provides comfort
Be passionate about your work
  • Reflects dedication
  • Reflects good intentions and will
Listen carefully to the interviewers
  • Reflects patience
  • Scope to understand the core of the question increases
Improve Social Skills
  • Easy to settle down during the interview
  • Eliminates fear of judgements even before starting of the interview
  • Provides comfort
Build leadership skills
  • Reflects promising personality
Be positive
  • Changes outlook
  • Scope to perform better
Instill Good Qualities
  • Reflects empathy
  • Honest and accountable personality 
Maintain Physical Health
  • Improves performance during the interview
  • Works to impress
  • Reflects strength and stamina

All About Tips to Personality Development for UPSC Interview

  • Communication skills

Improve your communication skills. Be kind in your words, be polite and gentle. This reflects a lot of your personality. People admire those who talk gentle and work efficiently rather than those who talk big alone. Also, you must not falter while speaking. Don’t hesitate or fumble for words. Speaking well also shows confidence which brings us to the next point.

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  • Develop confidence

Having confidence works wonders for your image.

  • Mind your body language

Your body communicates as well as your words. How you behave in an interview also impacts the board’s perception of you.

  • Dress appropriately

Your attire is an integral part of your personality. Dress appropriately for any occasion. It speaks volumes about your discipline and seriousness.

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  • Be passionate about your work

Loving what you do and finding meaning in it contributes to your personality. This helps you develop natural confidence.

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  • Listen

Listening is as important as speaking. Being a good listener helps you learn and analyze a lot.

  • Social skills

Work on your social skills. Do not shy away from meeting new people. You must also learn to be empathetic to others especially in the civil services profession.

  • Leadership

This is a definite quality an IAS officer must possess. Read books on leadership and try to inculcate it in your personality.

  • Be positive

Being positive is infectious. Your positive attitude can lead to others developing a positive attitude towards you.

  • Instil good qualities

Genuinely develop good qualities like civility and empathy. Avoid being a bitter and vindictive person.

  • Maintain physical health

You don’t have to have a model’s body to develop a good personality. But since personality depends on a lot on perception, it helps to have a healthy physique. It is also beneficial to your health.

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