How to Speak Confidently in the UPSC Interview

The UPSC Personality Test, also known as the UPSC board interview is the final hurdle to leap over in your pursuit of the civil services. The UPSC interview is a test of your personality more than knowledge (which has already been assessed in the written exams). Facing the UPSC board can be an intimidating affair and even the most confident of people can falter. Read on for handy tips on how to speak confidently in the UPSC interview.

Why is proper speaking important in an IAS interview?

It is important to speak confidently in the IAS interview because when you speak with confidence, you come across as a decisive person sure of himself/herself. This is a trait UPSC looks for in future officers. Being shy can be a part of one’s nature and it is completely okay as long as it doesn’t interfere with one’s ability to function effectively. Sometimes, shyness can prevent one from displaying one’s talents. If you are an innately shy person aspiring to be an IAS officer and worried about facing the UPSC interview, don’t fret. There are some techniques you can employ to develop confidence while speaking.

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First of all, understand that even the most confident candidate becomes nervous before the daunting IAS interview board. So, expect that you will feel nervous and learn to deal with it effectively. You can practice breathing exercises and calming techniques that will help overcome nervousness.

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Tips to become a confident speaker

Tip #1: Prepare

The first step in gaining confidence is to be prepared. Before the interview, brush up on your current affairs, your hobbies, hometown, etc. Give attention to the DAF and focus on the information you have provided there. Knowledge can give you immense confidence and when you know the answer to a question, you will be able to speak with ease and flow. In case you are asked a question whose answer you are unaware of, it is better to own up your ignorance rather than beat about the bush. The board knows that nobody is omniscient.

Tip #2: Practice

Practice makes perfect. While preparing for the UPSC interview, apart from devising answers for the possible questions, you must also practice giving mock interviews. Let your friends or family judge you on your presentation and confidence. Rehearse repeatedly till you are able to convince yourself and others of your confidence. When you practice, take care of the following things:

  • Limit the stammers.
  • Control your speed while talking.
  • Take care of your body language while speaking. They reveal more than your words. Read more.
  • Practice talking in full sentences.
  • Practice looking into a person’s eye while talking. This indicated confidence and honesty.

Tip #3: Pretend

This is a trick to show confidence. Pretend that you are a self-assured person. The adage ‘Fake it till you make it’ really works according to life coaches. Read about and imbibe the qualities associated with a confident person. This has also got a lot to do with your thoughts. When you try to act confident, your thoughts would all be positive. When you are positive, you naturally feel a little confident. So, this will work as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Remember these three Ps and face the UPSC board interview with confidence and faith in your abilities.

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