Strategies to Quickly Solve MCQs for UPSC Prelims

The UPSC Prelims 2021 is due to be held on June 27. As you would be aware, the UPSC Prelims exam consists of two papers:

  1. General Studies Paper I
  2. General Studies Paper II (also known as CSAT)

The questions are all in the Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) format. You will also be penalized for wrong answers. The CSAT is of qualifying nature with a minimum requirement of 33% marks. The general format of the IAS prelims is given in the table below:

Paper Total Marks No. Of Questions Duration
GS I 200 100 2 hours
CSAT 200 80 2 hours

UPSC MCQs: Tips to Solve IAS MCQs for Prelims

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To clear the IAS prelims, it is of utmost importance that you learn how to solve MCQs quickly. This article gives you a few useful tips to solve MCQs faster and crack the IAS Prelims.

  • Have a calm mind

The basic thing to do well in MCQs or in any exam for that matter is to have a calm mind before and during the exam. Having a calm mind means you won’t get confused or panic. The moment you panic, you tend to forget even those things which you were very sure of.

  • Maintain a uniform pace

It is important to maintain a uniform pace throughout the paper. Don’t dwell too much on a question trying to work out the answer. If you are not sure, move on. Finish off those questions whose answer you are confident of. Then, if you have time, come back to the ones which you were not sure of.

  • Read the question carefully

This is an important tip. Many candidates, in their hurry, tend to misread questions and mark a wrong answer. Remember to read what is asked carefully as there is negative marking here.

  • Learn shortcuts

To finish off the paper, it is recommended that you learn a few shortcuts to answer especially in the CSAT paper. In the math section, you can employ a variety of numerical shortcuts and save valuable time.

  • Don’t waste time reading the whole question paper

In the beginning, itself, reading the whole question paper is a sheer waste of time in the case of MCQs. Take it question by question.

  • Learn the Art of Elimination

If you cannot get the correct answer, you can always try guessing the answer but make it an intelligent guess. By the method of elimination, it is possible to arrive at an answer.

  • Have a good grasp of the subjects

This is the foundation on which you must take any exam. Studying with a good strategy to clear the IAS exam and developing expertise the UPSC Syllabus to be confident and accurate while answering questions in the Civil Services Exam is very important.

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