The Montreux Record - [UPSC Environment & Biodiversity Notes]

The Montreux Record is a register of wetland sites on the ‘List of Wetlands of International Importance’ where variations in ecological character have happened, are happening, or are likely to happen as an outcome of technological developments, pollution, or other human interference. Read about Montreux Record, Ramsar Sites in this article for the IAS Exam.

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Montreux Record – What are the Wetlands?

Wetlands are areas of fen, marsh, peatland, or water, whether artificial or natural, temporary or permanent, with water that is flowing or static, brackish, fresh or salt, including marine water areas, the depth of which at low tide does not exceed six meters. The Montreux Record should be employed to identify priority sites for positive international and national attention towards conservation. Sites may be removed from and added to the Record only with Contracting Parties’ approval in which they lie.

List of Ramsar sites as a part of the Montreux record

The Montreux Record was maintained as part of the Ramsar List. Currently, 48 sites were listed in the Montreux Record. Indian sites in the like Keoladeo National Park-Rajasthan, Loktak Lake – Manipur are included in Montreux Record.

Ramsar Sites in the Montreux Record Country
Laguna de Llancanelo Argentina
Donau-March-Auen Austria
De Ijzerbroeken te Diksmuide en Lo-Reninge Belgium
Schorren van de Beneden Schelde Belgium
Durankulak Lake Bulgaria
Srebarna Bulgaria
Carlos Anwandter Sanctuary Chile
Palo Verde Costa Rica
Kopacki Rit Croatia
Litovelské Pomoraví Czech Republic
Mokrady dolního Podyjí Czech Republic
Poodri Czech Republic
Trebonská rybníky  Czech Republic
Parc national des Mangroves Democratic Republic OF Congo
Ringkøbing Fjord Denmark
Lake Bardawil Egypt
Lake Burullus Egypt
Wattenmeer, Ostfriesisches Wattenmeer & Dollart Denmark
Amvrakikos gulf Greece
Axios, Loudias, Aliakmon delta Greece
Kotychi lagoons Greece
Lake Vistonis Greece
Lakes Volvi & Koronia Greece
Messolonghi lagoons Greece
Nestos delta & adjoining lagoons Greece
Laguna del Tigre Guatemala
Keoladeo National Park India
Loktak Lake India
Anzali Mordab (Talab) complex Iran
Hamun-e-Puzak, south end Iran
Hamun-e-Saberi & Hamun-e-Helmand Iran
Neyriz Lakes & Kamjan Marshes Iran
Shadegan Marshes & mudflats of Khor-al Amaya & Khor Musa Iran
Shurgol, Yadegarlu & Dorgeh Sangi Lakes Iran
Hawizeh Marsh Iraq
Azraq Oasis Jordan
Sistema de Humedales de la Bahía de Bluefields Nicaragua
Bassin du Ndiael Senegal
Blesbokspruit South Africa
Orange River Mouth South Africa
Doñana Spain
Las Tablas de Daimiel Spain
Ichkeul Tunisia
Lake George Uganda
The Dee Estuary United Kingdom
Ouse Washes United Kingdom
Everglades United States of America

List of Ramsar sites in Montreux record:- Download PDF Here

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