Tides and their Energy

Tides are the periodic movement of waves in the sea. This is due to the gravitation forces of the Moon and Sun upon the Earth and the Rotation of the Earth.

Tide is the vertical rise and fall of the water. Tidal current on the other hand is the horizontal flow of water.   CAUSE   The tide is caused by the gravitational force exerted by the sun and the moon on the earth. The Coriolis force also affects the ocean waters.

Types of Tides

Spring Tides These are very high tides, in conditions of full or new moon. It occurs when the Sun, the Moon and the Earth fall in one line. Here, both the gravitational forces of moon and the sun together causes huge tides. Neap Tides These are very small tides. They occur when the sun and the moon are at right angles with respect to the Earth. It occurs at the phases of quarter moon. The Proxigean Spring Tide It is an unusually high tide. It occurs during the Perigee period and in the New Moon phase.


Tidal energy can be harnessed through the natural phenomenon of the movement of ocean water caused by the gravitational forces exerted by the Sun and the Moon. It can be seen as a long-term energy resource which does no harm to the human beings in the form of any pollution and also is available in abundance.

Advantages of Tidal Energy

1) Continuity of  power production 2) Protects country’s coastline from strong waves and floods 3)  Provides a non-polluting source of energy 4) Simple system  

Tidal Energy in India

Tidal energy program executed by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India. It is working on the potential of tidal energy in the country which will help harness the power generation. India has a long coastline. Also with many estuaries and the gulfs, it gives an enormous opportunity for India to develop tidal power for electricity generation. Examples could be The Gulf of Cambay and the Gulf of Kutch in Gujarat The tidal power generation work is going on at Durgaduani Creek in Sunderbans. The State Government of Gujarat has formed a Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs)  for the usage of tidal energy across the coastline of Gujarat.

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