UPSC Preparation: Must Know Stats

Here, IAS aspirants can find all the important statistics of certain data like Gender Inequality, Disaster Management and others that are significant for UPSC Exam Preparation.   

With UPSC Mains Exam approaching near, it is time to get into some smart study techniques along with constant revision. Keeping this in mind, and to relieve you from wandering into the internet at this crucial time, we bring to you some vital stats that will help aspirants to enhance their answer.

Till now, the aspirants would be well versed with the conceptual and the current affairs part of the syllabus, however it is very important to substantiate the answers in the exam so that they stand apart from the crowd. The one or two marks earned in each question by the aspirant who uses them in answers and essays stands to gain around 20-40 marks extra in each subject.

We advise you to spend 5 minutes every day and go through our stats which might help you fetch that little extra score that will get you into the final list! 

We wish you all, best of luck!




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