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There are many committees and commissions formed in India for different purposes. They play an important role in Indian polity. Their recommendations have led to various reforms in Indian society. Hence, they are very important for the UPSC exam.

This article gives a list of various committees and commissions and their purposes (why they were formed/which field they worked in) so that students can have a ready list with which revision can be done.

List of Committees and their Purposes

Committees and commissions are formed for studying a problem or issue and then making recommendations to resolve the issue. The government can either accept or reject the findings/recommendations of the committee.

We have come up with detailed recommendations of a few important committees for your reference. You can check out the recommendations of the Punchhi Commission at the linked article. We have also covered the very important Sarkaria Commission, which you can read about here.

List of Committees With Purposes
Name of Committee/Commission Purpose
Abhijeet Sen Committee Formulating food policy in the long term
Abid Hussain Committee Small scale industries  and Trade Policy Reform
Chakravarty Committee (1985) Monetary policy
G V Ramakrishna Committee Disinvestment
JJ Irani Committee Company laws; Formation of the new Companies Act
Kelkar Committee (2015) Assessing PPP in India and Tax Structure Reforms
Raja Chelliah Committee Tax reforms in India
Khusro Committee Agricultural Credit System
Sarkaria Commission Relationship and power balance between the Centre and States
Malegam Committee Microfinance
Narasimhan Committee Banking Reforms
Mckinsey Report Merger Of seven Associate Banks with State Bank of India
Suresh Tendulkar Committee The methodology of estimation of poverty
Tarapore Committee Capital Account Convertibility
A Ghosh committee Malpractices in banks
Y B Reddy Committee Assessing Of Income Tax Rebates
Bhagwati Committee Unemployment and Public Welfare
C Rao Committee Agricultural policy
Dharia Committee Public Distribution System
Rangarajan Committee Computerization Of Banking Industry and Public Sector Disinvestment
Lodha committee To recommend reforms for cricket in India
Raghunath Anant Mashelkar panel To suggest the best technologies for Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan
K V Kamath Panel To examine the MSME sector
Bibek Debroy Committee Railway restructuring
Justice B. M Shah Committee Black money
A C Shah Committee Non-Banking Financial Company
Ajit Kumar Committee Army pay scales
Athreya Committee Restructuring of IDBI
Bhurelal Committee Increase in Motor Vehicle Tax
Bimal Jalan Committee Report on the working of capital market infrastructure institutions (MIIs)
Chandra Shekhar Committee Venture Capital
Dave Committee Pension Scheme for Unorganized Sector
Deepak Parekh Committee Financing Infrastructure through PPP model
Hanumant Rao Committee Fertilisers 
Janakiramanan Committee Securities Transactions
Kasturirangan Committee Draft National Education Policy
Kothari Commission To examine all aspects of the educational sector in India
Kumaramangalam Birla Report Corporate Governance
N.N. Vohra Committee Relations (Nexus) Of Politicians with Criminals
Radha Krishnan Commission (1948) Establishment of the University Grant Commission
K. Santhanam Committee Establishment of CBI
Shivaraman Committee (1979) Establishment of NABARD
Swaminathan Commission (2004) To find the problems faced by the farmers
Balwantrai Mehta Committee (1957) Panchayati Raj Institutions
Justice A.K Mathur Commission 7th Pay Commission
Vaghul Committee Money market in India
Vasudev Committee NBFC sector reforms
Y B Reddy Committee Review of Income Tax rebates
Aruna Sundararajan Committee Telecom sector revival
Rajiv Kumar Committee Selling of OIL and ONGC fields to private companies
Sushil Modi Committee To look into GST revenue shortfall faced by states
Lokpal Search Committee (Justice Ranjana Desai) For recommending names for Lokpal
Injeti Srinivas Committee Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Punchhi Commission Centre-State relations

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