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UPSC Exam Preparation: Topic of the Day – Women Safety Division in Ministry of Home Affairs

The Women Safety Division in the Ministry of Home Affairs was set up on May 28, 2018, to strengthen measures for the safety of women in the country and instil a greater sense of security in them through speedy and effective administration of justice in a holistic manner and by providing a safer environment for women.

With the objective of addressing the issues of women safety in a comprehensive manner, the Ministry of Home Affairs has created a women safety division. All the issues relating to women safety would be dealt with by this division in coordination with the relevant departments and ministries of the state government.

In this article, we shall discuss at length the objectives of the Women Safety Division and the need for having a separate division for the safety of women in the country. This is an important topic from the IAS Exam perspective as questions based on the same may be asked in the upcoming civil services exam.

About the Women Safety Division MHA

In order to address offences against women particularly rape in a holistic and time-bound manner, the Division would focus to enhance the capacity of the existing administrative, investigative, prosecution and judicial machinery, along with appropriate measures for rehabilitation of victims and bringing attitudinal changes in society.

This division would be responsible to look into the following subjects:

  • Crimes against women, SCs & STs
  • Crimes against children, elderly persons: Anti-trafficking Cell
  • Matters relating to Prison legislation and Prison Reforms
  • All schemes under NIRBHAYA fund
  • Crime and Criminal Tracking & Network System (CCTNS)
  • National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)

UPSC aspirants can also know in detail about the National Commission for Women (NCW) at the linked article. The Commission was formed with an intention to establish an equal and just livelihood for women by making legal and constitutional amendments for women in India.

Objectives of Women Safety Division

Given below are the key objectives based on which this safety division has been set up:

  • Coordination and implementation of projects being undertaken in MHA for enhancement of safety of women in the country
  • IT interventions for increasing efficiency in the delivery of criminal justice
  • Crimes against women and children, members of scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, elderly persons and other vulnerable groups
  • Deal with matters of human trafficking
  • Improved Monitoring at Mission level of the time-bound prosecution an investigation in cases of rape and other matters related to women safety

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National Mission for the Safety of Women

MHA’s intention was to have a National Mission for the safety of women with the participation of stakeholder Ministries/Departments, who would undertake specified actions in a time-bound manner. These include:

  • Setting up of Special Fast Track Courts (FTCs)
  • Strengthening of forensic set up
  • Building up of National Registry of Sexual offenders
  • Appointing additional Public Prosecutors
  • Providing appropriate medical and rehabilitation facilities to victims

This move by the Home Ministry would result in giving a credible response to the emerging situation of crimes against women, especially minor girls and focus on the time-bound implementation of measures with a tangible impact on women safety.

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