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The Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board (UPBEB) holds the Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test (UPTET) as a state-level exam. It aims at recruiting primary and elementary level school teachers within Uttar Pradesh.

Candidates preparing for this exam undergo a severe challenge since competition is high. The official notification of UPTET 2022 has declared all the important dates. The preparation for this exam can start with knowledge of the syllabus.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide regarding the UPTET subjects and syllabus. It will enable the aspirants to get a proper understanding of this exam. Once they know the syllabus, preparing for this exam will be easier.

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UPTET Subject List

The written exam of UPTET takes place in two parts. Each paper constitutes 150 MCQs, overall contributing to 300 marks. The subject group in UPTET Paper 1 consists of the following subjects.

  • Learning and Pedagogy
  • Child Development
  • Language 1 (Hindi)
  • Chosen language (English, Urdu, or Sanskrit)
  • Mathematics
  • Environmental Studies

The syllabus of the second paper, on the other hand, consists of the following subjects.

  • Child Development and Pedagogy
  • Mathematics
  • Language 1 (Hindi)
  • Chosen language (English, Urdu, or Sanskrit)
  • Social Studies and Science

Paper I Exam Pattern

This paper contributes half of the total marks, and its duration is about 2 hours and 30 minutes. It is applicable to candidates who teach primary classes (Standards I-V). The distribution of marks is described below.

Subjects Number of Questions Total Marks
Child Development, Learning, and Pedagogy 30 30
Language 1 (Hindi) 30 30
Chosen language (English, Urdu, or Sanskrit) 30 30
Mathematics 30 30
Environmental Studies 30 30

List of Topics in Paper I

Now, candidates can prepare specifically for each subject after knowing the comprehensive syllabus described below.

Subject Topics
Child Development, Learning, and Pedagogy Concept of child development

Learning and pedagogy

Educational counselling and guidance

Teaching and learning disciplines

Language 1 (Hindi) Language comprehension

Vowels and consonants

Sentence formation

Noun, pronoun, and verb

Works of poets and writers

Spotting error or sentence correction

Idioms and phrases

Gender and time

Difference between sounds, varnas, anusvars, etc.

Use of punctuations

Language teaching

Role of listening and speaking (as a teacher)

Challenges of language teaching in class

Language comprehension and proficiency

Chosen language (English, Urdu, or Sanskrit) Language skills

Grammar skills


Parts of speech

Active and passive voice

Pedagogy of language development

Knowledge of the famous poetry of famous poets

Mathematics Number system

Measurements and units


Simple and compound interest

Profit and loss

Area and Volume

Shapes and geometry

Environmental Studies Family and friends



Food and nutrition

Plants and animals

Sports and sportsmanship

Traffic and communication


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Paper-II Exam Pattern

The second paper of the UPTET exam is for secondary teachers (Standards VI-VIII). This exam is again for 2 hours and 30 minutes, consisting of about 150 MCQs.

Subjects Number of Questions Total Marks
Child Development and Pedagogy 30 30
Mathematics and Science


Social studies

60 60
Language 1 (Hindi) 30 30
Chosen language (English, Urdu, or Sanskrit) 30 30

List of topics in Paper-II

Subject Topics
Child Development, Learning, and Pedagogy Learning and pedagogy

Concept of child development

Concept of inclusive education in class

Factors affecting child development

Dealing with children with special needs

Language 1 (Hindi) Grammar


Sentence formation

Figures of speech




Unseen passage

Language pedagogy



Chosen language (English, Urdu, or Sanskrit) Comprehension

Grammar skills

Language pedagogy


Suffixes and prefix

Active and passive voice





Negative and interrogative sentences

Mathematics and science Mathematics:

Number system and simplification



Profit and loss



Speed and distance




Pedagogy of Mathematics


Plants and animals

Food and material

Natural phenomenon

Cells and organs

Pedagogy of Science




Animal nutrition



Social Studies Geography



Home Science



Physical Education


Environmental Studies

Best Books for UPTET Exam

Once the candidates are aware of the syllabus, they can start preparing. The following part lists the best books for UPTET all subjects. These might help them clear this exam.

  • UPTET Child Development and Pedagogy (Kiran Publication)
  • Quantitative Aptitude (RS Aggarwal)
  • Environmental Studies (Wiley Publication)
  • English Language (Pearson’s Publications)
  • Social Studies (Disha Publications)
  • Hindi Bhasha (Diamond Power Learning)

Therefore, this article looked into the details of the UPTET subjects. It is expected to help the candidates prepare for both papers. Additionally, it can provide a wholesome guide regarding the necessary steps for clearing the UPTET recruitment.

Apart from reading the right books and knowing about the syllabus, candidates can also seek help from multiple online websites available currently. These offer subject-wise online classes and provide study materials. These can help clear the UPTET.

For the Best preparation strategy for competitive exams candidates can visit the linked article and get detailed study material and preparation tips to excel in the examination.

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Frequently Asked Questions about UPTET Subjects


Does the UPTET syllabus changes every year?

The syllabus for the UPTET exam has remained the same over the years. However, it might change in the future.


What is the difficulty level of the questions asked in UPTET Paper 1 and 2?

The questions asked in the UPTET paper 1 and 2 are of Standard XII difficulty level.


Which section of UPTET Paper 2 carries maximum weightage?

The second paper’s Mathematics and Science or Social Studies section carries maximum weightage (60 marks).

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