Ncert Solutions For Class 6 Maths Ex 5.5

Ncert Solutions For Class 6 Maths Chapter 5 Ex 5.5

Question 1:

Find out the models for the scenarios that are perpendicular lines;

(a) Edges of table top that are adjacent

(b) Railway track lines

(c) Segments of line that are forming the letter ‘L’.

(d) V letter.



(b) Not perpendicular

(c) Perpendicular

(d) Not perpendicular

Question 2:

Let \(\overline{PQ}\) be the perpendicular to the line segment \(\overline{XY}\) .Let \(\overline{PQ}\) and \(\overline{XY}\) intersect in the point A. What is the measure of \(\angle PAY\) ?



\(\angle PAY=90^{\circ}\)

Question 3:

Find out the measures of the angles that are formed by using two set-squares that are present in geometry box? Is there any angle measure that is common?


The angles present in first set-square are \(45^{\circ}\) , \(90^{\circ}\) , \(45^{\circ}\) and another set-square has \(60^{\circ}\) , \(90^{\circ}\) , \(30^{\circ}\) . The common angle between them is \(90^{\circ}\) .

Question 4:

Analyze the diagram. The line l is perpendicular to line m.


(a) Is line CE equal to EG?

(b) Does PE cut CG in two equal halves ?

(c)Find out the line segment which are perpendicularly bisected by PE

(d) Identify whether true or false? (i) CD=GH (ii)BC<EH (iii)AC>FG


(a) Yes, the measure of both is 2 units.

(b) Yes, because CE=EG

(c) \(\overline{DF}\) and \(\overline{CG}\) , \(\overline{BH}\)

(d) (i)True , (ii) True , (iii) True

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