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10 Powerful Habits That Will Boost Your UPSC Preparation

Out of the lakhs of aspirants that appear for the Civil Services Examination, very few get selected for the desired post. We also come across several candidates, who give a time span of 6-7 years for their preparation, but still are not able to crack it. Have you ever thought why even after doing a lot of hard work, they fail the IAS Exam?

Well, there can be several reasons for this. One of the main reasons for this is following the wrong strategy at the time of preparation. Here we are giving 10 powerful habits that will boost your UPSC preparation.

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10 Powerful Habits That Will Boost Your UPSC Preparation

Observe Discuss
Learn Exercise
Listen Meditate 
Experiment Analyse possibilities
Expand Stay Positive

These powerful habits will transform you into a perfect candidate for UPSC and an efficient IAS officer.

10 Good Habits for UPSC Preparation


An administrator has to be a good observer. In the path of policymaking, he/she needs to observe and analyse the situations critically and then make the decisions. Observing not only involves simply ‘seeing’ but also what you study, hear and experience. Once the student has mastered this skill, various aspects that were ignored earlier are taken into account. To learn and to study are two different terms, which we go through in daily life.


Learning and studying are two different processes altogether, as mentioned before. Aspirants should adopt a holistic approach to learning in order to crack the Civil Service Exam. Even if the student manages to crack the UPSC Mains Exam, he/she might find themselves in a difficult position, compromising their chances of clearing the UPSC personality test. Learning makes you a responsible officer, having a wide perception, which is crucial for clearing the Interview/Personality test.

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When you listen to the things around you, you understand things better. Listening to current affairs, discussions, debates, etc. on a variety of topics actually helps in getting more ideas about the topics than just reading them.


If you do not try something new in your life, you will never come out of your comfort zone, and consequently will never achieve your fullest potential. During the IAS training in Mussoorie, the successful candidates are supposed to undergo several tasks which they would never have done before. An aspirant should always be ready to experiment in his/her life and devise a proper strategy for themselves in order to be in an advantageous position.


If one has a little knowledge about anything, they might get into trouble. Try to expand the area of the level of knowledge. Develop curiosity to learn about new things. The more one knows, the more they can analyse various situations and manifest useful conclusions to different circumstances.

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Group discussion happens to be one of the best brain exercises. When one discusses a topic in a group, they get to know how to approach a topic from different angles by observing multiple viewpoints of different people in the group.


A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Exercise will keep your body and mind fit. Not only one’s body, but the mind also needs nourishment to keep it energetic and dynamic. The human body and mind are considered as one unit, where they work hand in hand. Exercising releases different hormones which help in enhancing the cerebral responses.


Meditation acts as a boon for your mental health. It keeps you away from excessive stress, which is a common problem faced by many engaged in UPSC preparation. The vast UPSC Syllabus puts immense pressure on the aspirants, wherein they experience massive stress and mental fatigue. Meditation helps in defeating these issues and keeping the mind fit and stress-free. 

Analyse possibilities

Competition is really tough in case of the UPSC Civil Services exam. That’s why the success rate is significantly low. Also, the Commission sets high standards to recruit efficient candidates. Aspirants should analyse the many possibilities while Choosing The Right Optional Subject, an integral part of UPSC IAS Mains Examination. In order to do that, analysing possibilities plays a vital role in scoring more marks than your competitors by deciding the most beneficial Optional Subject for the Mains Exam.

Stay Positive

They say your thoughts become your actions. Thoughts are indeed powerful. It is tempting to give in to defeatist thoughts during your IAS exam preparation and give up altogether. Stay away from such thoughts, this comes from practice. Tell yourself positive phrases like ‘I can do this’, ‘ I will succeed’, etc. Start your day with such thoughts. Talk only to positive people. These can help you tide over any bouts of negativity and help you focus on what is important.

The best tools to succeed in the UPSC Exam is your determination and work without tiring the brain. Tune in – observe, watch, learn, listen and exploit the world that you live in.

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