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Coaching Versus Self Study for UPSC Preparation

A common question asked by UPSC aspirants before embarking on the IAS preparation is – “Should I join a coaching class or study by myself for the IAS exam?” There is no point pondering over this for days and wasting your time that you can use for studying. Read on to get guidance on deciding on coaching or self-study.

Self Study for IAS

There is no rule that you need to attend coaching classes to clear the IAS exam. If you have certain ‘tools’ you can crack the mother of all exams in the country. All it takes is a proper strategy and dedication on your part.

How to Start IAS Preparation at Home

Benefits of self-study for IAS exam:

  • You know your own strengths and weaknesses and can set up your own pace of study.
  • Go for self-study if you are the disciplined type. Clearing the UPSC exam requires single-minded focus and hard work. If you have these qualities, you don’t need any external coaching.
  • The self-study might also work out for you if you are a working professional. Read how to crack the IAS Exam while working.
  • You have all the material you need from the internet. BYJU’S offers excellent free IAS coaching online.
  • Tablet Learning Program for IAS 2021


However, coaching offers certain inherent advantages vis-à-vis self-study. Only the immensely disciplined can pull it off. For other ‘mortals’, attending coaching can certainly boost your IAS preparation. Read how:

  • You will readily get all the details like UPSC syllabus and exam pattern, previous year question papers, mock tests, UPSC notifications, exam news, etc.
  • You will have access to experts’ lectures and opinions which go a long way in shaping your knowledge.
  • Read more about BYJU’S coaching classes – best IAS coaching.
  • Your current affairs preparation for IAS will definitely benefit from taking guidance from the experts. BYJU’S brings to you comprehensive news analysis every day.

Daily News

Visit BYJU’S Free IAS Prep for more on IAS exam syllabus and pattern, tips for IAS exam preparation, and the latest on current affairs and daily news analysis.

Remember there is no right answer to this question – “coaching versus self-study”. To each one his own. You must weigh the pros and cons of both and decide for yourself. 

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