UPSC Mains History Question Paper 2020

History is one of the subjects included in the General Studies I paper of UPSC Mains. It comprises questions based on freedom struggle, world history and post-independence India. 

In this article, candidates can find the History questions from UPSC Mains Paper 2020. These will help candidates appearing for the upcoming IAS Exam

History Mains Question Paper Trend Analysis 2013-2020

The table given below shows the distribution of history questions in the General Studies I paper of the IAS Mains examination. Candidates can refer to the same for assistance:

Year Number of History Questions
2020 Freedom Struggle – 2
2019 Modern History – 1

Freedom Struggle – 1

Post Independence – 1

World History – 1

2018 Modern History – 1

Post Independence – 2

2017 Modern History – 1

Freedom Struggle – 2

Post Independence – 2

2016 Freedom Struggle – 3

World History – 1

2015 Freedom Struggle – 2

World History – 2

2014 Freedom Struggle – 3

World History – 3

2013 Freedom Struggle – 3

Post Independence – 5

World History – 4

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It must also be noted that the least number of questions from history in the past eight years were asked in UPSC Mains GS I paper 2020. No questions from Modern history, post-independence and world history were asked in the latest recruitment. Only two questions based on freedom struggle were asked in 2020 and the same have been mentioned below.  

UPSC Mains Question Paper 2020 – History [GS-I]

Freedom Struggle

  1. Evaluate the policies of Lord Curzon and their long term implications on national movement. (150 words, 10 marks)
  2. Since the decade of the 1920s, the national movement acquired various ideological strands and thereby expanded its social base. Discuss (250 words, 15 marks)

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To get answers to any query regarding the upcoming civil services exam, aspirants can visit the UPSC FAQ page and get assistance with questions related to recruitment, syllabus, exam pattern, scheme of selection, etc. 

UPSC Mains History Question Paper 2020:-Download PDF Here

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