Important Concepts(15-31 January)

1Pollution measurement 2.VAT 3.Bear market 4.Venture Capital 5.Bankruptcy 6.FDI in Retail 7.Land Reforms + Land Titles + Technology in Land Reforms 8.Ease of Doing Business 9.Biodiversity + Noise pollution 10.NGT + Environmental Clearance Process 11.Tight & Loose Fiscal/Monetary policy 12.JAM Trinity + Financial Inclusion 13.Differentiated banking + Payment Banks 14.Freedom of speech 15.Endosulfan 16.IAEA + Iran + Sanctions + Chabahar Port 17.Emission Norms + Particulate matter + Air Pollutants 18.GDP Growth 19.Iran + Nuclear Sanctions + Types of Sanctions 20.Global Oil market + OPEC price war + Types of Oil 21.National Exploration Licensing Policy (NELP) 22.IAEA + Iran + Sanctions + Chabahar Port 23.Subsidies + Externalities 24.Cross-subsidization in railways 25.Dumping + CVD (countervailing duty) 26.Infant Mortality + Replacement Rate in Fertility Rate 27.Global Oil Market + Iran-Saudi Proxy-war 28.PPP models 29.Base Erosion and Profit Shifting 30Round Tripping + Tax Evasion + Tax havens + GAAR + SIT + Black Money! 31.IGSMY 32.SDGs 33.Nairobi Package + SSM (watch video) 34.GPS satellite 35.Demographic Window + demographic Dividend 36.NEER + REER 37.Trade Deficit + Balance of Trade 38.Smart Cities 39.P-Notes & FII 40.GHG 41.Lifestyle Diseases + NFHS 42.Exchange rate management options 43.Article 356 and Article 174 44.Nepal Issues 45.FATF 46.Tax Administration Reform Commission 47.Zika Virus + Pandemics + Epidemics 48.Net Neutrality & Consultation Process in Policy making 49.Federalism 50.India-France Relations – Recent + History 51.Economic Contagion 52.Hidden Hunger + Malnutrition 53.RSBY + Insurance + Health 54.President’s Rule Mechanics 55.Paris Summit 56.Amnesty International, Human Rights 58.Hepatitis C drug sofosbuvir 59.Fiscal Consolidation 60.WHO 61.Inequality 62.NSSO 63.Women Empowerment 64.NHAM 65.National Health Policy 66.NPT – India’s nuclear programmes 67.Euthanasia, Mercy killing