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The Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project is a multi-purpose irrigation project on the Godavari River in Kaleshwaram, Bhupalpally District, Telangana, India. The 3 main purposes of this project are irrigation, transport, and power. This article briefly throws light on the important nuggets of information related to the Kaleshwaram Project.

Topics concerning Government initiatives to develop infrastructure in India is highly relevant for the Current Affairs segment of the IAS Exam.

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Kaleshwaram Project – UPSC Notes:- Download PDF Here

Kaleshwaram Multipurpose Lift Irrigation Project  It is the Worlds largest Irrigation and Drinking Water System.
Cost of Kaleshwaram Project Rs 1.2 Lakh crores
Location of the Project Kaleshwaram, Telangana – at the Confluence of Pranhita and Godavari Rivers. 

It was inaugurated by the Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao in June 2019, in the presence of Chief Ministers from Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. 

What is the Significance (Technological) of the Kaleshwaram Multipurpose Lift Irrigation Project?

  1. Telangana is at an elevation of 300 metres to 650 metres above mean sea level. River Godavari flows at an elevation of 100 metres below mean sea level. Hence gigantic pumps have to be used for pumping water.
  2. A barrage is constructed at Medigadda in Jayshankar Bhupalpally district and reverse pump the water into the main Godavari river and divert it through lifts and pumps into a huge and complex system of reservoirs, water tunnels, pipelines, and canals. 
  3. By the time the water reaches Kondapochamma Sagar, the last reservoir in the system about 227 km away in Gajwel district, the Godavari water would have been lifted to a height of 618 metres from its source at Medigadda. 
  4. This project will have the longest underground irrigation tunnel in the world (14.09 Km).
  5. The pumps would be operating at a cavern and surge pool which also holds a record for being the biggest in the world with a capacity to hold 2 crore litres of water.

Below-table shares Important Technical Facts of the Kaleshwaram Project

Number of Links Kaleshwaram Project is divided into 7 links
Total Length of Kaleshwaram Project
  1. 1832 Km
  2. Out of the total length, the total length of gravity canals is 1,531Km.
Number of reservoirs in the Project 20 reservoirs 
Length of Tunnels 20 reservoirs are interconnected through a network of tunnels running up to a length of 330 Km. 
Number of water lifts  20 
Number of Pumps 19
Longest Underground Tunnel in the Project 21 Km, connecting Medaram reservoir with Yellampalli reservoir.
Farthest Point in the Project Narketpally (Nalgonda District), Telangana. It is 500 km from the source.

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Kaleshwaram Project – Benefits

Apart from the obvious benefits like irrigation, drinking water and transportation, it will also help in other aspects which are mentioned below

  1. This project will help the fishing industry
  2. Development of Water sports
  3. Improve the tourism industry

State Governments of Telangana and Maharashtra have signed water-sharing agreement from this project, thus putting an end to the decades-old disagreement between the 2 states. 

Below-table shares facts on the ways Kaleshwaram project will be of use to Telangana

Number of Districts that will receive Water for Irrigation and Drinking purposes  20 Districts (Out of 31 Districts) in Telangana 
The volume of water produced 
  1. Total of 240 tmcft
  2. 195 tmcft from Medigadda Barrage
  3. 20 tmcft from Sripada Yellampalli project
  4. 25 tmcft from groundwater.

(Note: tmcft – one thousand million cubic feet)

Kaleshwaram Project – UPSC Notes:- Download PDF Here

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Brief Facts about Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project for UPSC


What is the use of Kaleshwaram Project?

The Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project aims to produce 240 TMC (Thousand Million Cubic Feet) water. The project also aims to refurbish existing reservoirs along with the creation of new ones.

Who designed the Kaleshwaram Project?

Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited (MEIL) has constructed the Kaleshwaram Project. The starting point of the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project which is the Medigadda Barrage has been constructed by L&T Construction (Larsen and Turbo construction arm). The Kaleshwaram Project was inaugurated in June 2019 at its starting point in Telangana.

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