What is the Tipaimukh Project?

Tipaimukh Dam is a proposed embankment dam on the river Barak in Manipur state India, first commissioned in 1984.

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Where was the Tipaimukh Dam planned to be built?

The rock-filled hydroelectric dam was planned to be located on the border districts of Mizoram and Manipur near the confluence of Tuivai River and the Barak River. However, this proposal has met with a lot of resistance due to various issues from Bangladesh and North-East Indian people.

What is the aim of the construction of the Tipaimukh dam?

The main aim of the project is flood control and hydel power generation for the benefit of the surrounding regions.

Where is the project location?

Tipaimukh Dam rests in an ecologically sensitive region in one of the most seismically volatile areas on earth. The project can cause loss of land and distort the indigenous community of Mizoram and few areas of Bangladesh.

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