Kartikeya Jaiswal (AIR 35) - IAS Toppers 2021

The list of IAS Toppers 2021 spotlights one more name, Kartikeya Jaiswal who nailed the Civil Services Exam in his 1st attempt. You will get to read Kartikeya Jaiswal’s background, preparation strategy, number of attempts, UPSC optional subjects, etc. 

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Kartikeya Jaiswal – UPSC Topper Background

  • Kartikeya Jaiswal is a resident of Pandit Deendayal Puram, Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh.
  • He is 23 years of age.
  • He brought laurels to his district because after many years in Khandwa someone has cleared UPSC and that too in the 1st attempt.
  • His Optional subject was mathematics for the UPSC Mains exam.
  • Kartikeya is fond of watching films.

Kartikeya Jaiswal AIR 35 UPSC Topper 2021

Aspirants willing to appear for UPSC CSE examination by taking Mathematics as their optional subject can go through UPSC Mathematics Optional Books on the given link.

Kartikeya Jaiswal’s Education Background

  • Kartikeya studied in Khandwa till the tenth standard. 
  • He completed his higher secondary education i.e. 11th, 12th from Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School in Andhra Pradesh. 
  • Later he went to Delhi St. Stephens college to bag a graduation degree in Mathematics honors and there he decided to appear for the Civil services exam.
  • He completed his graduation in 2020 and then came back to Khandwa. 

Kartikeya’s Family Background & Support

  • Kartikeya’s father Ashish Jaiswal is a hotelier and mother Manisha Jaiswal is a housewife. He has a young sister named Bhumika who is a school goer.
  • Kartikeya’s father never forced him to carry on their family legacy, instead supporting him to pursue his dream to become an IAS Officer. His father says –  
“I am a businessman, but never forced my son for business. The son said that he has to do government service, so we fully supported him. My son has reached this height today with the blessings of all the elders.”
  • Kartikey’s family, friends and relatives all were supportive throughout his journey. In kartikeya’s word – 
“Along with the family, there is also the support of many such people, whom I don’t even know.”
  • His mother Manisha Jaiswal said that she is very happy – 
‘I am very happy for my son and this success is not only for Kartikeya but for Khandwa city, state and country.’

Kartikeya Jaiswal UPSC Toppers Preparation strategy

  • After graduation, Kartikeya came back to Khandwa for UPSC preparation.
  • Kartikeya started his preparations during the Covid times when there was a nationwide lockdown.
  • At that time no coaching institute was open so he started his CSE preparation by staying back and studying at home.
  • Kartikeya used to devote 15 to 16 hours of the day to studying. 
  • During his preparation, he stopped watching TV and used mobile as per the requirement. 
  • Half of the total time was given to the optional subject. The rest of the time was given to newspapers, general knowledge.
  • He made a preparation strategy and followed it strictly. He created notes and read newspapers like The Hindu, The Print, Reuter, etc.
  • He solved previous years’ UPSC prelims question papers to get an idea about the nature of the questions asked in the UPSC prelims examination.
  • He watched videos of different UPSC toppers on YouTube. He went through their thoughts and made his preparations. 
  • Kartikeya solved a few test series to help her get enough practice before the actual exams.
  • Among the questions asked to him in the final interview before the result, there was also a question related to Kishore Kumar. 
  • Kartikeya suggests that aspirants should have faith in themselves and continue their preparation. Hard work from our side, will definitely get us success.

Kartikeya Jaiswal AIR 35 – UPSC Scores

UPSC Topper Score – Kartikeya Jaiswal
Written Total 825
Personality Test Total 182
Final Total  1007
All India Rank  35

If you are wondering about How to Start UPSC CSE Preparation, visit the linked article.

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Must Follow Tips for CSE Preparation 

  1. Create a preparation strategy and rigorously follow it. The preparation strategy for the UPSC Exam would vary from level to level. Get to know the exam pattern better and understand the needs and expectations of the UPSC exam at three different levels.
  2. Comprehensively understand UPSC syllabus and work accordingly to each subject them step by step
  3. Having a Time table will let you know whether you are heading in the right direction and with the right speed. Your time table must have short term and long term goals.
  4. Develop the knowledge base from the basics. Reading the fundamental books of the General Studies papers are important and the sources for the basics are the NCERT Books. 
  5. Refer to credible sources of study materials and make notes with right analyses. Without easily accessible simplified notes, the battle is long lost even before it has begun. At the very end of the preparation one cannot go through an ocean of material and make accurate analyses of all the topics.
  6. Emphasize on newspaper reading and give particular emphasis on editorials from where you can gather good opinions and multiple views on a single topic. Also, indulge yourself in reading a good magazine like Yojana and Kurukshetra.

 Kartikeya Jaiswal– UPSC Topper Info

UPSC Topper 2021 Background
Name Kartikeya Jaiswal
Civil Service Exam  2021
All India Rank  35
Number of Attempt 1
Age  23
Optional Subject  Mathematics
Native  Bhullar Muktsar, Punjab
Education Graduation is Mathematics Honors

Keep yourself motivated and stay positive. Always look at the bright side of things and be confident about your ability to crack UPSC 2022.

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