Avinash V (AIR 31) - IAS Topper 2021

Avinash V, one of the UPSC Toppers 2021 has topped Karnataka state securing All India Rank, AIR 31. Read further to know Ankita Agrawal’s bio, optional subject, strategy adopted for exemplary performance in the most coveted UPSC exam.

Avinash Rao AIR 31 UPSC Topper 2021


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Ainash V – UPSC Toppers Biography

  • Avinash V, is 24 years old and cleared the civil services exam in the first attempt. He took Law as his main subject. Go through the detailed UPSC Law Syllabus on the linked page. 
  • With the All India Rank 31, Avinash is Karnataka State topper in the UPSC Exam.
  • He joined the Union Ministry of External Affairs for an internship.
  • The work of late external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj inspired Avinash to become a Civil Servant.
  • It takes a special kind of effort for candidates to crack the IAS exam in the very first attempt and secure the service of their choice. Avinash wants to join IFS – Indian Foreign Services rather than IAS because his dream is to further India’s interest globally. When asked, he said – 
“My interest lies in foreign diplomacy and advocacy work. Working globally is a challenge and gives immense pleasure. Next year, India will host the G-20 summit, which will be attended by the presidents of 20 countries. We hope to be present at the upcoming summit to put forth the ideas,”

Aspirants willing to appear for UPSC CSE examination by taking Law as their optional subject can go through UPSC Law Optional Books on the given link.

Avinash Rao V – Educational Background

  • Avinash finished his schooling and higher secondary education from Davan College in Karnataka. 
  • To pursue a career in Law he shifted to Bangalore. Avinash is an alumnus of National Law of School University, Bangalore. He also bagged a Gold Medal in his Law school and completed his 5 years BA LLB course.

Avinash Vittal Rao – Family Background

  • Avinash’s father Vittal Roa is into the hotel business. 
  • His grandfather Anand Rao has always envisioned that Avinash would continue the legacy and serve people. He said –
“They arrived in Davanagere some seven decades ago from Udupi for the hotel business and wanted their son to continue their family legacy.’
  • Avinash wanted to serve the country and showed no interest in his family business. His grandfather said- 
‘He never showed any interest in it as he wanted to serve the country and we are glad now.’

Avinash’s – UPSC Success Strategy

  • Instead of counting the number of hours, give as many hours as possible for the exam preparation.
  • It is essential to choose subjects that you are genuinely interested in so that you are enthused about learning more about the topics. Check out the success rate of UPSC optional subjects on the given link.
  • As the syllabus is vast, setting short term and long term targets are what helps to be consistent with studies. Start your IAS Exam preparation by understanding the UPSC Syllabus in-depth and planning your approach accordingly.
  • Avinash backed the preparation by regular newspaper readings to give adequate focus to what is happening in the country and internationally.

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Some Tips For Civil Services Exam Preparation

  • Give yourself time – set aside at least 1 year for the preparation of the UPSC exam and create an action plan on how to go about it.
  • Carefully Plan: come up with a reasonable and doable study schedule in mind when you are to start your civil services preparation. Creating a plan, sticking to it and tracking the progress will help you achieve your goals smoothly.
  • Stick to fewer study materials – refer to a limited number of books and study material to cover up your subjects. Out of the multiple resources readily available in the market you need to pick the best and adhere to it for CSE exam preparation, otherwise it will all confuse you.
  • Wise use of the Net – though the internet is a fantastic source of knowledge and study material, its overuse can kill your concentration and can impact your study and performance.
  • Avoid being Anxious: If a topic appears difficult and you become stuck, do not worry; think it through and you will gain an understanding of how to grasp that concept. It takes time to develop a preparation routine for Civil services exam preparation that works for you. 
  • Analyze your performance: Identifying your individual strengths and weaknesses will assist in molding the preparation effort in that direction. Work on your weakness and keep practicing your strong subjects.
  • Avoid distractions – get yourself a nice and quiet area to study so as to concentrate well.  concentration and understanding will greatly assist you in optimizing each level of preparation to meet your specific needs.
  • Practice and Revise: Revision is key to land up above all. Keep jotting down notes while preparing to help yourself easily going through all that you have learned again and again. For both the prelims as well as the mains, you must take mock practice examinations before taking the actual exam. This will assist you in gaining confidence and experience in appropriately phrasing your responses.
  • Current affairs are perhaps the most important part of your UPSC preparation. So, give adequate focus to what is happening in the country and internationally.

Avinash V Roa – UPSC Topper Info

UPSC Topper 2021 Background
Name Avinash V Rao
Civil Service Exam  2021
All India Rank  31
Number of Attempt 1
Age  24
Optional Subject  Law
Native  Bangalore, originally – Udupi, Karnataka
Education Graduation is Law

All it takes is determination, unwavering focus and of course, a well-thought-out strategy for the IAS exam. UPSC 2023 aspirants can use the links below to help them in their preparations.

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