IAS Maths Optional Booklist- Important Books For UPSC Maths Optional

Mathematics is one of the most scoring optionals in the UPSC IAS Mains examination. The aspirants from B. Sc Mathematics or B. Tech background can take Mathematics as optional in this examination. Learning Mathematics is always fun. Right strategy and thorough practice in IAS Maths optional can help aspirants crack IAS Exam.

BYJU’s has already given the IAS Maths Syllabus. Here we are giving the complete IAS Maths Optional book list. This will help your UPSC IAS Mains preparation.

UPSC Maths Optional Books Paper I & Paper II

Mathematics Paper I

  • Dynamics, Statics and Hydrostatics – M. Ray
  • Calculus – Shanti Narayan
  • Analytic Geometry – Shanti Narayan, DK Jha, HC Sinha and Sharma
  • Ordinary Differential equations:- Golden series-NP Bali, MD Raising Lumina
  • Vector analysis – Shantinarayan
  • Linear Algebra – K.C. Prasad, K B Datta

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Mathematics Paper II

  • Linear Programming – SD Sharma
  • Algebra – K C Prasad, KB Datta
  • Mechanics & Fluid dynamics – Azaroff Leonid, AP Mathur
  • Complex Analysis – GK Ranganath
  • Real Analysis – Shanti Narayan, Royden
  • Partial Diff.eqs. – Singhania
  • Numerical analysis and Computer Progg. – SS Shastri, V. Rajaraman

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Detailed Reference Books
  • Statistical Mechanism – Carson Horg
  • Calculus – I. A. Menon
  • Coordinate Geometry – R. L. Soni
  • Mathematics Dictionary – James
  • Differential Equations – Schaum Series (Frank Ayres)
  • Mechanism – D. S. Mathur
  • Numerical Analysis – S.S. Sastry
  • Textbook of Coordinate Geometry – Rai Ballabh
  • Analytical Solid Geometry – Shanti Narayanan
  • Complex Analysis – Schaum Series
  • Differential Calculus – Gorakh Prasad
  • Linear Algebra – Schaum Series (Lipshutz) or Sharma and Vashishta
  • Matrices – Schaum Series (Frank Ayres) or Vashisth
  • Mechanism – D. S. Mathur
  • Modern Algebra – A. R. Vashisth
  • Operations Research – Kanti Swarup
  • Solid Mechanism – Kazmi
  • Algebra – J. N. Sharma and S. N. Goyal

IAS Maths Booklist PDF :- Download PDF Here

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  2. What should i to choose as an optional subject as I am graduated from mathematics but I forgot the things in mathematics

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      Maybe this article will help you select the best optional subject for UPSC.

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