Social Progress Index

Concept:  Social Progress Index

Topic: Polity

Category: Democracy

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Social Progress Index

The Social Progress Index is published by a non-profit entity called Social Progress Imperative. It is the measure of the extent to which a country provides for the social and environmental requirements of its citizens. The index takes into account 54 indicators that deal with basic human needs, the foundations for well-being, and the opportunities to progress. Some of the indicators are personal freedom, safety, sustainability, sanitation, etc. The relative performance of each nation is displayed by this index. It is based on the works of renowned economists Amartya Sen, Joseph Stiglitz and Douglass North. This index measures social and environmental factors and outcomes rather than economic factors.

Basically, there is a combination of three dimensions in this namely-basic human needs, foundations of well being and opportunity. There are four components for each dimension. Also, there are some three or four specific outcome indicators for each component as well. Also, there are two special features of the Social Progress Index which are- the exclusion of economic variables and the use of outcome measures rather than inputs.

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