Top Ten Documentaries for UPSC Preparation

Civil Services preparation is a serious affair. There is the vast UPSC syllabus to cover and lots of test practice to be done. Simultaneously, aspirants have to develop a well-rounded personality that will impress the IAS interview panel. Many people spend 10 -12 hours a day studying and reading books. While it is necessary to read a lot, IAS aspirants should not ignore rest and recreation.

Best Documentaries for UPSC Aspirants

Candidates can relax and augment IAS preparation simultaneously by watching some really good documentaries that are sure to interest, entertain and also enlighten the mind. In this article, we have compiled a list of ten best documentaries for UPSC preparation.

  • Story of India BBC Documentary – A documentary by the BBC about India. It covers ancient history to modern times including the freedom struggle and partition.
  • Nero’s Guests by P Sainath – It talks about the story of farmer suicides in India.
  • Mandate With Destiny by Vir Singhavi – The story of elections in India.
  • Samvidhan by Shyam Benegal – Aired on RSTV as a miniseries, it talks about the drafting of the Constitution of India
  • Planet Earth BBC Documentary – A miniseries on the natural history and current geography of the Earth.
  • Incurable India by Umesh Agarwal – A documentary about the healthcare system in India and the challenges that it faces.
  • Guns and Glory by Kabir Bedi – A TV series about the important wars in Indian history after independence.
  • Justice by Michael Sandel – Also known as “Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?” A programme about ethics in public office.
  • Pradhanmantri ABP documentary – A series about post-independence India aired on ABP news
  • Gandhi: The Road to Freedom – A Mahatma Gandhi documentary by the BBC detailing the political philosophy, life and times of the great man.

Whenever you feel bogged down by the weight of the books you are reading, you can take a break and watch any one of these documentaries. Not only will you learn something useful for the exams, but you will also find time to wind down and relax for some time. It is said that we remember and retain more in our memory what we see rather than read. Documentaries should not be the primary mode of learning though. It is advisable to watch documentaries for learning only when you have ample time. They should complement your reading and not replace them.

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