Trace the Traits of Success - To Crack IAS Examination

There are many important traits that are commonly found in candidates who successfully clear the IAS Examination.Not just in candidates who clear the UPSC IAS examination but also in people who succeed in any walk of life. Let us clearly understand that only few people clear the IAS exams out of lakhs of candidates who attempt the examination. So the majority of the candidates will fail to clear the examination, and one needs to understand that not clearing the examination is not the end of the road. Life is full of opportunities and it is upto you to recognize the opportunities and grab them. Follow the traits found in successful people and you will achieve the goals of your life. Some of the important traits are mentioned below.

Aspirants would find this topic very helpful in the IAS Exam.

Never Give Up Attitude

This attitude is one of the most important traits that needs to be instilled in yourself. Without it everything is lost. This is an examination where at every stage of preparation you will face pitfalls. There will always be instances where you will feel demotivated due to huge syllabus that needs to be covered in short time frame, one may feel like giving up due to the difficulty of subjects and may feel like altogether giving up on the goals of clearing the exam when you may score low on numerous Mock Tests. The feeling of giving up at the face of difficulties and failure  is absolutely natural as a human being, but the best way to overcome and excel in life and in examination is to have this never give up attitude.


Without courage no one can successfully reach his goals or complete his tasks. This is an examination that requires immense courage on the part of the candidates to scale the herculean task of preparing for the exam and clearing the IAS examination. Without courage no tasks on earth can be accomplished, and with courage you can cross any insurmountable tasks. It is important to have the courage to set high goals. When you set high goals, obstacles and failures are inevitable, it is important to face those failures without getting demotivated. Always remember that nothing is permanent, hence even failures are not permanent in life. From failures you can always learn important lessons which will be crucial for success.


This is a very very important trait that candidates have to inculcate in their behaviour. This is also a behaviour expected in Civil Servants, patience to resolve the issues without losing one’s cool. If there is no patience then it will lead to anger and stress which is completely counterproductive to the humongous tasks in your hands. You need to have patience to cover the enormous amounts of syllabus and the amount of effort one has to put in consistently to clear the hurdles spread over many months and years. Hence without patience one cannot think properly, put in efforts in the right direction and have the right attitude.


The above details would help candidates prepare for UPSC 2020.


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