Who were the Main Figures in the Russian Revolution?

The Russian revolution took place in the year 1917. Revolution took place when peasants and working class groups revolted against the Tsar Nicholas II. The revolution was led by Bolsheviks. Some of the prominent names of Russian Revolution were

  1. Vladimir Lenin
  2. Joseph Stalin
  3. Leon Trotsky

The above 3 were main leaders of Bolsheviks, carried out the Russian revolution. The most famous October Revolution is also known as the Bolshevik Revolution.

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What were Some of the Key Events of Russian Revolution?

Some of the key events of Russian Revolution are listed below

  1. Creation of Social Democratic Workers Party led by Vladimir Lenin. The members of the party were known as Bolsheviks.
  2. In 1917 they rapidly expanded their power, making Moscow their capital. They made a new flag with a hammer and sickle in it.
  3. Mensheviks were a moderate wing of the Social Democratic Workers Party. They were opposed to Bolsheviks, were defeated in 1917.
  4. October Revolution, it was the last major phase of the revolution. The Bolshevik party captured power thus establishing Soviet Union.

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Who fell in the Russian Revolution?

The February Revolution was the first of the 2 revolutions that took place in the erstwhile Soviet Union. The February Revolution also called the March Revolution resulted in the toppling of Tsar Nicholas II ending the Romanov Dynastic Rule. 

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When did the Russian Revolution Begin and End?

Russian Revolution began in 1917, with the abolition of the Romanov Dynasty and it ended in 1923 after overthrowing the Provisional Government by the Bolsheviks resulting in the  establishment of Soviet Union. 

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