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Tips To Solve Numerical In Physics & Chemistry For NEET 2022

The 4 Step Guide to Solving NEET Numericals

NEET or National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is an annually conducted medical entrance exam, enabling medicine enthusiasts to take up undergraduate medical courses. The conducting body for the exam is National Testing Agency (NTA). NEET, since 2016 has replaced AIPMT and in recent times has also replaced the multiple state level entrance exams and has emerged as a national, single-level entrance test.

For the uninitiated, most of the candidates taking up NEET UG exams are keen on pursuing medicine with a strong foothold in Biology as a subject and medicine as a profession. Such candidates are not necessarily great at Physics and Chemistry. These can turn out to be quite daunting subjects for those who have been running away from these subjects. But, if you have been analyzing concepts from these subjects closely, you would have observed that these subjects are actually very interesting and gripping.

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Some stats – as per a poll, nearly 50% of the candidates appearing for NEET exams have taken up PCB as subject majors in their +2 classes. This comes as part of a realization that perhaps opting for mathematics may not be a very good option for them due to its complexities. Fairly so, as Physics and mathematics go hand in hand. Physics and Chemistry are subjects involving mathematical concepts and cracking NEET with a good rank becomes unlikely if you do not have a good grip over these subjects.

Unarguably, the section that has the maximum weightage is Biology in NEET exams, but the Physics and Chemistry sections decide your rank. This article aims at bringing to students a 4-step guide to solving numericals from Physics and chemistry sections and paving your way to securing that NEET rank you always dreamt of.

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Before understanding the steps, let us know the ground rules. If you have to solve numericals you must know the theory behind it well. In other words, your theoretical knowledge must be solid and conceptual clarity to the point. For this, you can go line by line through the NCERT books for NEET Physics and Chemistry and understand what the principle topic is.

Once that is sorted, let us attempt to understand how to go about solving numericals for NEET. It is highly recommended to follow these steps only after your concepts are thorough and transparent. With this 4-step guide, one can easily solve any numerical regardless of the topic, read on:

1. Examine questions

Half your job is done when the questions are read closely, the rest is now only up to some rearranging and calculations. Most students, in the wake of saving time, just look for keywords in the questions and skim through the options and then directly to the OMR sheet with their response, as a result, losing out on all the 4 marks, making it worse, lose a mark subsequently impacting your final score immensely. Watch out for this. Read, comprehend, and analyze all your options as well as questions. Post this, recollect concepts linked to the numericals.

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2. Rearrange the given data

Jot down the data given in the question. If you have a well-practised hand, some NEET questions would be a breeze as you would just have to glance through, recognize the problem type, and with a rough estimate you have already arrived at the answer. This comes in handy and is part of the elimination method in MCQ type questions. The elimination method increases the chances of your answer being right.

3. Figuring out the procedure and executing

Once you have read the question carefully and organized the information given in the question, your mind already has come up with recalling formulae and gathering concepts. Zero down on an approach and get going. Know what the question is asking and solve the question carefully and with accuracy. In the case of physics, perhaps it would be recalling a formula and in case of chemistry, it can be equations/reactions. If your approach is right, you will arrive at the answer.

4. You have the answer

Match your answers with the options provided. If options have your answers, you did it! If not, look for the closest answer and go for it (some accuracy issues with calculations). But, if your answer is nowhere like that provided in the options, revisit the steps, try a different approach and closely follow your calculations.

If you still do not have the answer, move to the next question. NEET is a time-based exam, remember this. Solve other questions and if you have time in the end, revisit the question. In most cases, one happens to find the right answer at this time, as we have a different attitude towards the end of solving the entire paper. Maybe a different approach or erroneous calculation could get fixed.

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Continue solving the question until you get it right, keep trying. If your answer did not see the light of the day yet, consider these cases.

  • If you are in a fix regarding 3 or all the four options, then it is better to not attempt the question, skip the question as NEET has negative marking.
  • Tiebreaker – If you are confused between 2 options, go ahead and take that chance in this case. Again, if you are not willing to take that leap, skip the numerical

That is how easy solving numericals in the NEET exam is. Just follow this 4-step guide and you are ready to face any numerical. These are basics and it remains the same regardless of the subject or complexity. Not only at the exam, inculcate these steps in your everyday preparation, and watch how you evolve by folds with your problem-solving capabilities noticeably.

You just read a 4-step guide to solve NEET Physics & Chemistry numericals. BYJU’S has a lot more interesting write-ups to offer for NEET aspirants which can change your game at NEET 2022.

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