RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 Division Of Algebraic Expressions Exercise 8.2

RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 Chapter 8 Exercise 8.2

RD Sharma Class 8 Solutions Chapter 8 Ex 8.2 PDF Free Download

Divide: Question 1

6x3y2z2 by 3x2yz



= \(\frac{6\times x\times x\times x\times y\times y\times z\times z}{3\times x\times x\times y\times z}\)

= 2x(3-2)y(2-1)z(2-1)

= 2xyz

Question 2

15m2n3 by 5m2n2



= \(\frac{15\times n\times n\times n\times m\times m}{5\times m\times m\times n\times n}\)

= 3m(2-2)n(3-2)

= 3m0n1


Question 3

24a3b3 by -8ab



= \(\frac{24\times a\times a\times a\times b\times b\times b}{-8\times a\times b}\)

= -3a(3-1)b(3-1)

= -3a2b2


Question 4

-21abc2 by 7abc



= \(\frac{-21\times a\times b\times c\times c}{7\times a\times b\times c}\)

= -3a(1-1)b(1-1)c(2-1)

= -3a0b0c1

= 3c

Question 5

72xyz2 by -9xz



= \(\frac{72\times x\times y\times z\times z}{-9\times x\times z}\)

= -8x(1-1)yz(2-1)

= -8yz

Question 6

-72a4b5c8 by -9a2b2c3



= \(\frac{-72\times a\times a\times a\times a\times b\times b\times b\times b\times b\times c\times c\times c\times c\times c\times c\times c\times c}{-9\times a\times a\times b\times b\times c\times c\times c}\)

= 8a(4-2)b(5-2)c(8-3)

= 8a2b3c5


Simplify :

Question 7




= \(\frac{16\times m\times m\times \times y\times y}{4\times m\times m\times y}\)

= 4m(3-2)y(2-1)

= 4my


Question 8




= \(\frac{32\times m\times m\times n\times n\times n\times p\times p}{4\times m\times n\times p}\)

= 8m(2-1)n(3-1)p(2-1)

= 8mn2p

Practise This Question

From an India- Pakistan ODI series, we have a comparison of scores between Sachin Tendulkar and Inzamam-ul-haq.


ODISachin TendulkarInzamam-ul-haqFirst9555Second104111Third154126Fourth2352Fifth103109

Who averages more in the ODI series and could probably get the man of the series award if the award is given to the person with highest average?