RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 Compound Interest

RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 Chapter 14

Here we are providing interesting problems on Profits, Loss, Discount, and Value Added Tax (VAT) which can clear the concepts of the students easily. Students can relate the problems to real life and can enjoy learning.

The compound interest or the compounding interest can simply be defined as the “interest on interest” which means the actual interest of a person’s deposit or loan. This actual interest involves the principal amount along with the accumulated interest for a period. Thus, the compound interest can be expressed as the future amount (Principal amount and interest) less the present amount (principal amount) which gives us the expression as: C.I = P [(1+ \(i^{n}\)))] – P

RD Sharma Solutions for class 8 maths provides various examples of compounding interest are given that would help the students to get well acquainted with the topic and solve the related problems with ease. The given examples are of various difficulty levels so that the students build a good foundation by developing a fascination with this interesting topic.




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