RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 Graphical Representation Of Data As Histograms

RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 Chapter 24

RD Sharma solutions for class 8 chapter 24 Data Handling II (Graphical Representation of Data as Histograms) is given here exercise wise. These solutions are detailed and easy to understand. The students having the problem with the questions can check the solutions here to clear all the doubts and understand the topic thoroughly.

What is Data handling and its Graphical Representation as Histograms?

Data handling can be defined as the representation of data with the help of tables and graphs. In case of graphical representation, bar graphs, histograms, and frequency polygons are used to represent different sets of data.

The histograms are used as a graphical representation of data when the data is continuous. Thus, it is used to represent data for continuous class intervals. In histogram representation, the frequencies are proportional to the area of the bar. It is interesting to note that a histogram becomes a bar graph when the bars of the same width are considered in a histogram.

Get the solutions to the exercises related to this chapter in RD Sharma class 8 maths book here. These solutions can be easily comprehended and the concepts can be understood in detail. Check the solutions in the below-given table.

Chapter 24 Data Handling II (Graphical Representation of Data as Histograms)
Data Handling II (Graphical Representation of Data as Histograms) Exercise 24.1

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