RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 Division Of Algebraic Expressions

RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 Chapter 8

As division is the inverse operation of multiplication, the same is for the division of algebraic expression. Here are some division operations for different algebraic expressions.

  1. Division of monomial by a monomial: Division of monomial by a monomial requires cancellation of common factors, to do so we must express the numerator and the denominator in their irreducible form.
  2. Division of a polynomial by a monomial: For the division of a polynomial by a monomial,  divide each term of a polynomial by a monomial or you can just factorize the numerator and cancel out the common factors.
  3. Division of a Polynomial by a Polynomial: Division of a polynomial by a polynomial can be done by using following formula. i.e. Dividend = Divisor . Quotient + Remainder

Several such questions are included in the RD Sharma textbooks to help the students practice more effectively. Students can check the solutions to those questions from the links given below in the table.

These RD Sharma solutions for class 8 is for the chapter of “Division of Algebraic Expressions”. The solutions are given in detailed steps so that the students don’t get confused while practicing.

Practise This Question

Cost of 6 kg of wheat is Rs 72.

a) What will be the cost of 8 kg of wheat?

b) What quantity of wheat can be purchased in Rs 61?