RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 Understanding Shapes Quadrilaterals

RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 Chapter 16

A quadrilateral is a closed figure with 4 corners or vertices and 2- dimensional. The word ‘quadrilateral’ literally means four sides. Quadrilaterals can generally be of regular shapes like squares, kites, trapezoids or irregular as the one shown below.

Here is a quadrilateral ABCD.

A quadrilateral has 4 vertices, 4 equal sides enclosing 4 angles of 90 degrees and the sum of its interior angles is 360 degrees. A quadrilateral having 4 equal sides and 4 angles as 90 degrees is a square and which has all 4 angles as 90 degrees is a rectangle. Parallelogram, trapezium rhombus, and kite are some other types of the quadrilateral.

Quadrilaterals can be further classified into:

  1. Concave quadrilaterals.
  2. Convex quadrilaterals.
  3. Intersecting quadrilaterals.

Practice problems on quadrilaterals and its constructions through solved RD Sharma solutions to have a better understanding of the topic.

Chapter 16: Understanding Shapes II (Quadrilaterals)
Understanding Shapes II (Quadrilaterals) Exercised 16.1

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