RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 Direct And Inverse Variations

RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 Chapter 10

Two quantities are said to be in proportion if by changing one quantity there is a gradual change in the other quantities. Values are said to be in direct proportion when an increase in one value results in a gradual increase in other value. Similarly, they are said to be in indirect proportion when there is a gradual decrease in one value while the other value is increased. For example, if a biker increases or decreases his speed accordingly there will be a change in the distance as well time he took to cover that distance.

The RD Sharma class 8 maths book includes several exercises to help the students learn more about the direct and indirect proportion and let them dive into conditions that are required for the quantities to be in direct or indirect proportion. Understanding these topics through real-life examples will help students to have a clear idea about the topic.

Get the detailed RD Sharma maths solutions for class 8 of this chapter in a detailed way to learn in-depth concepts and clear all the doubts from the exercise problems.

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