RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 Time And Work

RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 Chapter 11

Get the detailed RD Sharma Class 8 solution for Chapter 11 Time and Work with step by step analysis. The questions are based on the latest CBSE syllabus according to the CCE guidelines. The RD Sharma solutions can help students to clear their concept so that they can score good marks in their examination.

Often the teachers in the class assign a particular work, for example, a workbook containing 100 sums should be submitted in 5 days. To make it a bit simpler, one can simply calculate the number of sums that need to be solved in a day. In this case, the students should solve 20 sums a day to complete the work assigned to them. This makes the whole assignment a lot simpler and more organized.

Here, the different concepts of time and work are explained with various examples for better understanding. These practical examples can surely help the students to develop proper interest and easily learn the practical implementation of “Time and Work”.

Thus, we can simply say that time is the most important tool to measure the performance of an individual’s work. Also, as the concepts of time and work are interrelated, they together give the overview of the performance and efficiency of the individuals. Get the detailed RD Sharma solution for class 8 for the chapter “Time and Work” in the table mentioned below.

Chapter 11 Time and Work
Time and Work Exercise 11.1

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