RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 Surface Area And Volume Of Right Circular Cylinder

RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 Chapter 22

“Right circular cylinder is a cylinder that consists of a circular base and its elements are perpendicular to its base”. Some of the features of the right circular cylinder are stated below:

Any one side of a rectangle can be revolved around an axis of a revolution to form a right circular cylinder. The line that joins the center of the bases is actually the axis of a right circular cylinder.

Now explore more features of the circular cylinder, learn how to calculate volume and

surface area of a right circular cylinder

through RD Sharma solutions for class 8. It provides step to step solutions all the questions that are listed exercise wise.

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The line x + y = 1 meets x - axis at A and y - axis at B. P is the mid - point of AB P1 is the foot of the perpendicular from P to OA; M1 is that from P1 to OP; P2 is that from M1 to OA; M2 is that from P2 to OP; P3 is that from M2 to OA and so on. If Pn denotes the nth foot of the perpendicular on OA from Mn1, then OPn =

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