RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 Squares And Square Roots

RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 Chapter 3

RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 Chapter 3

The RD Sharma solution for class 8 for the chapter “Squares and Square Roots” is given here. Before knowing about square roots it is necessary to first know about squares. We can find out the square of any number by simply multiplying a number by itself. For example, The square of 9 is 9.9 = 81.

Now coming to square roots, it is just the inverse of squares. For example, \(\sqrt{25}\) = 5 because 5.5 = 25. Here we will learn about different methods of calculating the square root of numbers which are guessed and check method, using algorithms.

Now learn this topic in depth with the RD Sharma Class 8 Solutions with step by step illustrations, which will make learning easy for students.

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