World Athletics Day - May 7

World athletics day is celebrated on the 7th of May every year. Even though it is important to memorize the date of such an international event, it is also important to gather information regarding the importance of such an event.

Furthermore, it is essential to memorize dates of major importance. World athletics day is celebrated on the 7th of May every year. Athletics is a type of track and field sport that includes running, jumping, walking, and throwing events. Furthermore, athletics includes around two dozen events in different categories. Countries like the United States, Canada, and Europe, have indoor spaces to host such events.

There are other important days and dates of national and international importance, integral from the UPSC prelims and other government exams.

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History of World Athletics Day

IAS exam current affairs are not limited to the dates only, but the events related to these dates as well. Therefore, it is crucial to take a glance at the defining moments for the World Athletics Day date. The International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) introduced the World Athletics Day back in 1996. However, the process was started in 1912 in Sweden and gradually grew into an international association.

The World Athletics Day was introduced by Primo Nebiolo in 1996. The very first headquarters was in Stockholm, and then in London; the current headquarters is in Monaco. In 2001, the name International Amateur Athletic Federation was changed to the International Association of Athletics Federations.

Significance of International Association of Athletics Federations

If you are preparing for UPSC prelims and making UPSC notes, you must know the crucial details related to World Athletics Day. It is important to know when World Athletics Day is celebrated? Why is world athletics day celebrated? What is the significance of IAAF? Why is the IAAF important? Not only IAS exam current affairs but various current affairs quizzes also incorporate questions related to World Athletics Day.

The IAAF that governs all the major events related to athletics has a certain set of rules and regulations for maintaining the discipline. The IAAF lays the ground rules like age restriction, sex-related and doping-related rules. The age-related rules are simple and allow the athletes to compete with athletes of similar abilities.

There are certain guidelines for doping-related issues and are governed by an anti-doping agency. Therefore, a full-fledged IAS preparation requires complete details regarding World Athletics Day and the agency governing this.

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The motto behind World Athletics Day

The basic instinct behind World Athletics Day was “Athletic for a better world”. The IAAF launched this as a project for social responsibility. World Athletics Day is celebrated worldwide. World Athletics Day 2022 will be a special day in India as this year, an Indian athlete won gold at Tokyo Olympics. It is important to celebrate such events to promote the spirit of sports. Every year, the IAAF organizes diverse sports events in schools and colleges.

However, due to COVID restrictions, such competitions have not been held in the last two years. However, World Athletics Day 2022 might bring new hope for sports enthusiasts. If you are preparing for UPSC 2022, you must know the motto behind World Athletics Day. Furthermore, it is important to celebrate this day and promote the great history of sports and motivate the youth to pursue the field of athletics. This day is celebrated to promote sports events among the youth population, enhance public awareness, and educate the aspirants.

So, if you are planning to appear in UPSC 2022, learn about the crucial events. Furthermore, memorizing the dates only is not that helpful, aspirants must have complete information regarding such events. IAS exam current affairs is a vast field and is very important for UPSC prelims, therefore focus on significant dates as it is a must-ask question in many current affairs quizzes and exams.

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