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This week’s ‘Economy This Week’ segment brings to you all you need to know about the recent Ease of Doing Business Report. Economics is an important segment of the IAS exam and is also extensively linked to current affairs.

The World Bank announces the Ease of Doing Business Index annually. As per the latest report, India has been ranked at the 77th position (compared to 100th in the previous year). The government also aims to be within top 50 in the next couple of years. The following video discusses the issues related to the index and the reforms needed by the government to improve the ranking.

Download the Ease of Doing Business Report (EoDBR) PDF

Economy This Week - Ease of Doing Business Report (EoDBR) PDF

Topics covered in this document are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Benefits of better ranking
  3. India’s position
  4. Where India needs to improve
  5. Issues/criticisms

You can also download the PPT of the video lecture from the link below:

Ease of Doing Business Report (EoDBR) PPT


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