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The current affairs play an important role in the UPSC IAS Exam. The UPSC IAS Exam is conducted in three stages. From the UPSC IAS Prelims to interview, it has a crucial role. It always overlaps with the core subjects like Polity, Economy, Geography, Indian History, and General science. If you want to crack the three stages of UPSC, you have to master in both the conventional areas and current affairs.

Aspirants would find this article very helpful while preparing for the IAS Exam.

There are a lot of regulatory bodies in India. These bodies have a significant role in structuring various sectors. Every sector in India has its own regulatory bodies. This is an important topic in UPSC IAS prelims examination.

Here we are giving the consolidated list of major regulatory bodies in India and their function. This will help your UPSC IAS Prelims preparation.

Regulatory bodies in India Sector Functions
Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Telecommunication and Tariffs To make regulations to ease competition and enhance the  efficiency in the operation of telecommunication services
The Competition Commission of India Company affairs To protect the interest of consumers,  prevent some practices having harmful effect on competition
Securities and  Exchange Board of India Securities (Stock) and Capital Market To safeguard the interests of investors and to regulate the securities market.
Food Safety and Standards Authority of India


Food industry To ensure the food quality, to watch and regulate the processing, manufacture, distribution, sale and import of food.
Medical Council of India Medical education To regulate and set up high and uniform standards of medical education
Reserve Bank of India


Banking and Monetary regulations It executes multiple functions as a custodian to regulate all the banking and the monetary function in country
Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority


Insurance To regulate and enhance insurance business and reinsurance business in India.
National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development


Financing Rural Development Functions as a supreme body for catering  the credit needs of all types of rural development

and agricultural

Central Board of Film Certification


Certification and Censorship To regulate and monitor the public exhibition of movies.
Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority


Pension and welfare To regulate promote and develop the pension sector in the country.

Candidates can find the general pattern of the UPSC Civil Service Exam by visiting the IAS Syllabus page.

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