What are some examples of Hazardous Substances?

Hazardous substances are used for various purposes in various fields like agriculture, medicine and industries dealing with metals. Some of the examples are given below.

  1. Heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium.
  2. Pesticides which are used in agricultural fields
  3. Petroleum products
  4. Acids
  5. Solvents
  6. Paints

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What is considered a hazardous substance?

Any chemical, biological, or radiological material that has the potential to harm the environment, animals or humans are considered as a hazardous substance.

What are the 5 types of hazards?

  1. Chemical
  2. Biological
  3. Physical
  4. Safety
  5. Ergonomic

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How do you dispose off hazardous substances?

  1. Underground Disposal
  2. Dumping at Sea, this method is regulated.
  3. Making use of specially designed landfills.
  4. Incineration

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