UPSC IAS Prelims Examination: Tips to turn off sleep mode

Sleeping is a natural process, to rejuvenate our body. Sleeping is essential for a strong and healthy body. But sleeping in the wrong place in the wrong time may spoil our health, wealth, and studies. What will happen if you sleep wrong place at the wrong time? Let’s see

  • Temple, Mosques, Church- You will miss the blessings
  • Bus/ Train- You will miss your destination point
  • Driving- You will meet with an Accident
  • UPSC preparation- You may face failures

There are several factors regulates our sleep in either right or wrong times. The three major factors are environment, health, and food.

Health is the key aspect which decides our sleep. Daily five to seven hours sleep is enough for a UPSC aspirant. If you are an aspirant with asthma, allergy or other health problem you need to sleep more. So, an aspirant does not waste even a single minute. If an aspirant is studying in the morning, they should take proper breakfast and should drink ample water. Aspirants should avoid eating heavy three meals as they can make their body and brain lethargic and this will make one sluggish or feel sleepy.

The environment is also an essential factor. It is necessary to have good lighting in aspirant’s room. Don’t study with a fan blowing on your face as it dries your eyes and makes you sleepy. It is highly recommended to avoid studying sitting on the bed and cosy couch which invite the sleep.

If you are feeling tired couldn’t control yourself, take a nap for 15 mins to 30 mins. Utilize a decent working Alarm Clock. Keeping the alarm clock a little away from your bed so that you can control your sleep as generally people switch off the alarm and sleep again.

Tips To Turn Off Sleep Mode

1. Sit on a chair with a straight posture.

2. It is always better to avoid lying position as it initiates your brain to do two conflicting jobs to sleep as well as to study. Ultimately, the direction to sleep will win.

3.  Make short notes while you read. It will give some physical work to your body and retain your brain rejuvenate.

4.  Read some fascinating subjects whenever you feel sleepy.

5. Change your sitting positions regularly and take a break and do some physical activities. It will motivate your focus level.

6. Avoid reading constantly without disruption which will cause semi-consciousness (a hypnotic effect) and aspirant cannot understand anything in this process. This can also cause sleepiness.

7. Avoid keeping your eyes too much near to your books. It will make you fall asleep.

8. Take a proper cold shower before studying especially in the night and frequently wash your face with some cold water.

9. Group study and discussions to escape from sleep.

10. Aspirants should do some physical activities to stay healthy during UPSC Preparation.

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