UPSC Mains DAF 2020 - Cancellation of Candidature

While filling the UPSC Detailed Application Form (DAF), candidates should take care of the rules violating which their candidature can be rejected by the commission. UPSC DAF 2020 will be released after the UPSC Prelims 2020 result. The commission released DAF 2019 on 1st August 2019, last date to submit the same was 16th August 2019.

This article will provide you with conditions under which you candidature might be cancelled by the UPSC so as to avoid them.

DAF – Important Rules to Avoid Cancellation of Candidature

Candidates should submit the filled DAF along with the exam fees of Rs.200 (unless they are exempt) before the closing date of 6th August 2018. In the document which details instructions to fill the DAF, UPSC has prescribed rules which candidates must follow while filling the DAF and also while taking the exam. Candidates who violate these rules may find their candidature being rejected by the commission. Aspirants should check the UPSC notification for relevant updates regarding the UPSC exam.

  • The papers of the following candidates will not be evaluated and their candidature may be cancelled:
  1. If a candidate appears at a centre other than that given in the e-Admit card. Or
  2. If a candidate appears for an optional subject other than the one given in the e-Admit card. Or
  3. If a candidate appears in the Indian language paper (Paper A) other than the one given in the e-Admit card.
  • DAF which is incomplete or incorrectly filled will be rejected.
  • DAF without the scanned copies of the required documents will also be rejected.
  • For OBC candidates, the OBC proforma must be filled online correctly. To know more about EWS certificate criteria for IAS Exam, check the linked article.
  • After the UPSC publishes the e-Admit cards, candidates must download it and check for errors. If there are any errors in the admit card, they should communicate the same to the UPSC and request for the reissue of the e-Admit card.
  • Candidates without admit cards will not be allowed to take the mains exam.
  • In the DAF, candidates should fill in the service preference correctly. For example, if the IAS is the first preference, candidates should write ‘01’ against it. And, if the IPS is the second preference, candidates should write ‘02’ against it. If a candidate does not want to select a particular service, he/she should write ‘99’ against it. Preference should be marked against all services. If any column under services preference is left blank, the candidature can be cancelled. Don’t leave any box blank.
  • Candidates must ensure that information given to the UPSC for the prelims exam is the same as the information filled for the mains exam. To know about the UPSC online application form 2020, check the linked article. UPSC will check the information and if there is a mismatch, the candidature may be refused admission to the mains.
  • Candidates who are government servants must submit an undertaking stating that they have intimated in writing to their heads of the department about their taking the IAS exam. If the UPSC receives a communication from any such candidate’s employer stating that permission was denied to him/her to take the UPSC exam, his/her candidature could be cancelled.
  • Candidates should note that at any stage of the process if the UPSC finds any candidate not fulfilling the eligibility criterion, it can cancel the candidature of such candidate.
  • At the time of the UPSC personality test/interview, candidates are required to submit the original copies of all the documents they had uploaded along with the mains DAF. If the candidates don’t do so, their candidature can be cancelled.

These were the rules an aspirant of UPSC 2020 should take care well before the exam so that when the time actually comes to fill DAF, they already know the guidelines.

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