i.e. Full Form

The full form of, i.e. is id est. It is a Latin word meaning that is or in other words. It is used to specify a concept which has already been... View Article

COB Full Form

The full form of COB is Close of Business. COB is also known as the EOD (end of the day) or (EOB) end of business/ (COP) close of pay /(EOP) end... View Article

CFL Full Form

The full form of CFL is a fluorescent lamp. CFL is an energy-saving bulb that consumes much less energy than the conventional incandescent... View Article

IQ Full Form

The full form of IQ is  Intelligence Quotient. IQ is an overall score obtained from a series of standardized measures or subtests designed... View Article

ICDS Full Form

The full form of ICDS is the Integrated Child Development Services. ICDS is a government organization in India that serves food, pre-school,... View Article

BA Full Form

The full form of BA is Bachelor of Arts. BA is a 3-year undergraduate system and is regarded as one of India's most attended courses, accounting... View Article

DRDO Full Form

The full form of DRDO is the Defence Research and Development Organization. DRDO is the Republic of India department which is accountable for... View Article

MIS Full Form

The full form of MIS is the Management Information System. MIS is a computerized technology, person, organization, and relationship analysis.... View Article